Apple Muesli :D

these past 2 days has been wonderful! or let say in German, it’s been wunderbar!


Firstly, i have a really rough morning in Thursday, which is i thought, the LAZIEST day ever. I can’t move my body from my bed like its just strictly glued. Morning class that day = super boring. Like half of the students didn’t come, like they weren’t sober enough to attend class. So it’s just sleepless class with teacher who talks Germany.

So just lest skip the unhappy part one, and moved to Friday, when the weekend start !

I’m having a great breakfast, cup of muesli with hot tea. Just simply delight my mood. My class finally fulled with people, i think its because the test we’re going to have every Friday morning. Lunch just greaaaaat even though its just yogurt and apple. The hit moment is after lunch session, when my lovely German teacher, Frau Marion, ask us to go to the studio hall to hear my friend from Mexico, named Tai, playing piano. How to describe it? Well…


” It’s like you have your own Enrique Iglasias concert in your class. The difference is : this one sounds better and he can play piano like a true pianist”

Just kill me. Please. Specially when he played ” Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis and ” Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”. Die. Not just it, he also could played something randomly and then with my Portugal friend, Diogo, they sang something really funny with German language that they took randomly from our morning test. It just sound ‘Chocolade Chocolade Apfelshaft Apfelshaft…Achso!’. Gosh that one’s hilarious.

After class, me and my Indonesian friend along with my twins Russian friend, are going to schmuck gallery, which is a gold gallery that Pforzheim has been famous of. It was greaaat and really funny because we saw lots of weirdy things like hairy necklace, 1852 ring and hairpin that even our grandma never use anymore. But lots of things also caught our mind like a really beautiful necklace and ring that came from 1890-s and it glimmered with lots of gold stone. “Please someone rich, marry me now and give me one of these things” i screamed.

day in the park!

After schmuck gallery, we went to the nearest park, beautiful one, and took some picture together and decide that we are eagerly wanted ice cream!! So we went downtown to taste the tastiest and biggest ice cream i’ve ever seen in my life.

We Scream for Ice Cream

we shared 2 flavored, Tiramisu with rum (my favorite) and pizza ice ( kiwi and blueberry JUST cherished my moods! ) could we have those everyday please?? without getting fat specially. It’s my second attempt of this ice cream shop and still..mesmerizing. After that we took these Russian girl to H&M to buy stuffs for them and something caught my mind. They really loved our things : from wallet to blackberry. That’s crazy.

Me, Desita, Sasha, Sania

OH btw, i’m writing this with a cup of muesli in my hands, cup of hot tea and one nectarine on my tummy already. You know nectarine? The one with reddish color, same as peaches? Well i attempt to try it here and turn out it tastes lecker!

Nectarine, my new favorite fruits!

i hope i could get nicest weekend today. You too, people. Anyone out there 🙂


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