Fruit Bar

Usually i eat something called Muesli every morning, but this morning i wanted to try something different.

Muesli mit Vollkornbrot

What i eat today (Was habe Ich gegessen

1. Haferflocken with pepper and chili sauce. I’m still adapting with European rolled oats since in Indonesia we have Quacker Oats which has smoother texture than rolled oats (Forgot to take a picture, i’ve been so busy this morning in my kitchen preparing my lunch)

2. My homemade gemüse finally, by my own hands! Not actually my own, because i read my mom’s BBM that tells me exactly what i should do step by step. And turns out…So delicious!! Little bit too salty, thought. But still delicious because it taste just like my moms :p

mein heute frühstück

Cooking skill : 1.5/5. Speaking German skill : 1 /5. Like a game, everything start from level 1. Fighto!




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