Plums Biggest Lover

my new love

meet my new love. His name is plum. And i just discovered my true passion for him since i bought him from Rewe, some kind-of-expensive supermarket in Pforzheim. Turns out, they sold the cheapest plum around Pforzheim. It costs me 0.73 euros for 1 kilos of these heavenly taste fruits!! Yum yum. I’m just so curious with this fruits since i watched them in Foodhall, the expensive supermarket in Indonesia and kind of hated the fact that i couldn’t tasted it back then due to its superly expensive price. In Indonesia it costs me like Rp 4.000,- for each of this fruits. Damn it! But now, i could taste it and…oh my gosh i think i would packed this fruits back to my country in July. Being a bad girl in the airport for my love to you, Plum.This new discovery joined my old discovery of heavenly taste fruits, which is Nectarine that i never found in Indonesia. But now, i couldn’t find cheap nectarine in German again. I think the season has left the chart. Schade 😦

Oh! Recently i’m just addicted in watching foodism things in Youtube, since i adored all foods channel since thousand years ago. I’m addicted to watch Food Safari and Vendr.TV which showed us the heavenly taste of American street foods. Gosh gosh gosh i’m craving out of PIZZA!!!!!

Just things that popped to my head in the middle of me-time Saturday afternoon. And…i miss my mom so badly 😦 and i haven’t spoken to my family like 2 weeks until now.


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