Sunday Muesli

today i’m not feeling like having a breakfast. Sort of full after big dinner yesterday. Yeah, yesterday we throw a birthday party to Mas Rikky, one Indonesian who lived in Kepler house with other UGM friends i have here. He turns 31, well congratulations once again Mas! And we decided to cook a big dinner for 12 of us in Kepler kitchen. Almost all of the ingredients are supported by the birthday man, while us are the beginner cookers who blabbered all the time whose going to chop this, throw this into pan, taste this (actually this one’s my favorite one!) and we made big mess of Kepler’s kitchen yesterday. Well, it’s not that bad since what we made turned out to be kind of delicious. There are nasi kuning, fried chicken, ayam lada hitam, tempe goreng and stirred fried broccoli with chicken and black bean  (super delicious!). All of these accompanied with sunflower seeds (we kidnapped this delicious snack :p), some chips, abon, teri kacang, and fried sambal. Most of Indonesian foods actually had English name but they’re too good to be left in Indonesian words :p


miss those authentic Indonesian food! Soon i will catch you all guys in my tummy! Wait for meee….



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