Christmas Fruit Ball

23rd December 2011.

My first all-by-myself-abroad-experience since staying in Germany

My first Christmas-without-family-experience

My first perjalanan-menginap-bersama-bule-experience


See you real soon Paris, see you real soon Barcelona ❤ two dreams that i had since forever maybe, which i never ever ever thought even in my wildest dream, will ever turn to reality. Hope i could share that dream with you after i actually taste the sweetness of those dreams. It’s just….everybody’s dream in my house.

Before it’s too late : merry Christmas everyone! enjoy your delightful Christmas with your closest family or your beloved one. If you suddenly can’t, just send them couple of messages, whisper them all your prayers. I believed they knew that you really wanted to be with them and wish you also a great Christmas. Just like i just did!


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