Thursday Strawberry Movie

Have been loading up my brain with Period movie (read : movie filled with girls whose body as thin as a cracker bread and STILL wearing corset as tight as…i don’t know, even my graduation corset won’t look that dangerous! Oh, don’t forget the horses, the ribbon, the romantic garden…why couldn’t we all have that today???????) and yes…i’ve been distracted with such romance that not as complicated as todays movie PLUS faces that as handsome as any mannequin ever created in France. So…Let’s rated all movies i’ve idiotically addicted :

1. Mansfield Park :

MEOOOOOOOONGGGGGGG such a cutieeeeee ❤ ❤ ❤ but unfortunately, COWOKNYA BEGO! (Translated : the main man character was s-t-u-p-i-d). Well, at least it ends up well and i’m happy wihiii. Clearly, this movie’s beyond my expectation, since i never heard someone told me that Mansfield Park turns out to this incredibly romantic movie

2. Emma :

well…another…MEOOOOOONGGGGGGGG!!! How could guy with such dresses those days are incredibly HANDSOME? and…ROMANTIC?!! kesel deh bok, sekarang cuma “mau jadi pacar gw gaa?” kalo dulu aja…”i believed, i had enchanted by your charisma and wished that we won’t be parted anymore” UNYUUU! nonton ini sambil geprak geprak meja, nahan napas, minum pelan – pelan…oh men, i wish i could live in victorian era…

3. Pride & Prejudice :

i don’t know how many times i replied this movie all over again, but still….CAN I DIE IN MR. DARCY’S HAND??! PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE? Oh…and those last words from him, in the forest? If man asked my hand to marry with those words…saya siap dipinang, mas :3 Oh, i think i’ll suit up well in victorian ages because all ladies seems to have curly hair (specially in their bangs) just like my pretty hair.

Pride & Prejudice

4. Annie Hall :

Well…since i’ve lost my mind in these kind of romances, i tried to seek some other movies…but still, i’ve enchanted (weeew, words from 50s) by those classic movies so i found Annie Hall. A little bit disturbing watching people who had white hair today, but in this movie actually they have black hair, beautiful face and… surprisingly geekily handsome face. Young Diane Keaton and Woody Allen just…killed me.

5. My Fair Lady

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Audrey Hepburn never fails me…even she took away my precious 170 minutes of life…still, i love her and her movies….It’s like watching LOTR all over again, but now it’s pure romance ❤ ❤

6. Hugo

Finally, normal movie from 20 centuries. But still, classic movie. I LOVEEE Chloe and France in snow (although Paris is not that beautiful when you have to squeeze your hand in coldness) and i LOVEEEEE the simplicity, the idea of seeking the meaning of message from someone. Love love loveeeee this movie. Thank God i’m still sane, at least, 1 movie from this era satisfied me.

on stream now : The Princess Bride. Gila, lama – lama gw jadi nenek nenek nih, minum teh, nonton film zaman purbakala semua lagi. Abis mencoba menonton yang baru baru…kok ga ada yg bagus? Sebel juga. Anyone has any idea?


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