Banana Project

You know you’re totally insanely homesick when:


1. You listen to a creepy rock song, which you supposed to change or scream into, but instead you just listen and cry

2. You constantly messaging your family and asking current issues or anything, which totally annoying sometimes

3. You watch all super cheesy movies and…laugh, which never happen before

4. You check airplane website every week, just to dream about going home

5. You googled your favorite country’s food, just to make sure you still remember the taste of it

6. You constantly messaging all your best friends and constantly tell them that you’ll bring tons of gifts, which will make you totally bankrupt if you actually did due to their crazy requests

7. You write a sad blog

8. You just completely forgot about your school task(S) and you just stay in your room doing something totally random, which sometimes you just creeped yourself out.

9. You put your little brother’s picture in your wall, just to make sure you can see his smile towards you (or your dog, which currently in your photo).

10. You just wanna put your mom’s picture as your display picture but sometimes it’s so pathetic, so you decided to put your old picture



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