The Age of Innocence

Yesterday, it was a really harsh time for my very good friend of mine. She was a cheerful one, strong for sure in case of walking and treasuring new city, smart for sure, but at the same time we shared the same weakness. 




We missed our home. So. Damn. Much. 



So she experienced something unexpectedly out-of-this-world. She just told me all about him like 3 days ago and we were like, mocking him (for good,) for his unique personality. Me myself, i couldn’t believe that it just happened. And i have to see her crying. Well, at least, i’ve been there for her even though she couldn’t be there for her family. We’re her family now, and family sticks together!




Have a good life up there, Mr. i-don’t-know-you. Surely, you have a wonderful family down here who adored you so much and me, who didn’t know you at all but here tons of good things about you, who adored you also. Enjoy your paradise, i know you’ll like it. And for my friend, cry until you can’t move your necks. But after that, please be sure you know how to pull your trigger back to where they supposed to be. 


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