Why I Like Myself

So, why so confident?




here’s a thing. I have a project of mine, starting from last week, actually it started when i kind of having a personal message with one of my bestest friend. I messaged him in late night (noted: late night in Germany means super super early morning, 2 AM i think). I didn’t hope he replied it right away, so i just put everything i needed to tell him rightaway because i don’t know why, this problem of mine, i think he understood it the best. I think he kind of feel that i had this problem since he met me, but it actually a big relieved to know at least one person knew my problem. You don’t need to know it, it’s problem that never wanted to help and i just need to get back on track.


So…why i like myself??

1. i’m brave, not confident. I can do weird thing (like, calling random guy and waving at him when my friends had this dare-games towards me)

2. I’m perfectionist. I knew this since junior high and i felt the greatness of it. It could be an advantage or disadvantages, depends on the occasion. Sometimes it really is tricky, especially when you just had super short time, but you need to do everything (and in your own standard) on time. Stress just strike then.

3. I love my face. I love my nose and i love my eyebrow. I think they’re beautiful, thanks to my super beautiful mom who always takes care of me since i was a baby. She did everything she could EVERYDAY (translate: she rubbed my nose everyday when i was a baby so that my father-inheritance-small nose changed into a great/better shape and…IT DID). She also abandoned me to cut my eyebrow even though lots of magazine told me to ‘tidying up’ my super thick eyebrow. But she insisted that…NO! KEEP IT LIKE IT USED TO. so, i’m a mama’s girl and i do followed her rules until now and i’m not planning to change it.

4. I love my teeth. Thanks again, mom, for rubbing my teeth everyday so that my teeth fell in the right position when i grew up. And yes, when all girls had to wear braces and had to go to dentists every 3 months or something, i just had a perfect lineup of teeth right away.

5. I think i’m funny. Hm…am i?

6. I have great fighting spirit. I love catching all my dreams and get to where i want to be. Like right now, here i am, getting what i thought it just a dream, laying on my couch in Germany, while thinking about home

7. I’m a great shopper. Ask me to buy everything with low price and good quality, i think i master it soooo much. Although sometimes it destroyed me also. Damn it.

8. I love my way of dressing up. I just love to mix and match all stuffs (even though it’s not pricey, sometimes i thrifted  it in local thrift market, and i can sometimes beat my friends who actually bought their stuffs in much higher level stores. Well, nobody’s perfect, sometimes i just did something ugly and look super hideous instead. Well….

9. I love learning. I love to learn something that could challenged me even more.

10. I had high determination towards what i want

11. I (Starting to) love my crazy hair. Turns out, finding the right conditioner, right styles, and right shampoo is the key. And right hair dresser who won’t-cut-your-bangs-into-stupid-front-bangs.

12. I love saving money. Well, also an advantage and disadvantage

13. I think i had a great motherhood angel lied in my brain. I think i love taking cares of others, especially my closest relations, making sure they got what they wanted, and i’m extremely happy when i saw their happy faces

14. I love living healthy. I did a routine workout activity (at least 2-3 times a week, whether inside house or outside house)

15. I don’t do drugs and do things that could harm my organs literally (what the heck am i putting this as my likeness point???)

16. I dont want my friends fell in the same mistakes that i did

17. I’m independent. I could take care of myself, away from my parents. But i think…i just don’t really open to them. That’s why i need to get home really fast, make everything clear, and i will wash out this thing out of me.

18. I love making as-high-as-i-could-be dream. Well…even Pinnochio wished upon a star.

19. I have great eyelashes. I love love love my eyelashes

20. I pretty have a great leg (i hope so). I never regret my leg, although my arms a little bit flabby, but i got it from my mama so never felt ashamed of it.



20 for starter, more coming up later!


(girls, you SHOULD make this list also! Turns out, this is really really great! WOW, can’t believe it)


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