Cry like a baby



terakhir nangis kapan ya? don’t know why, akhir akhir ini syaraf emosi gw udah agak redup kelihatannya. Jaraaaang bgt nangis, dan ga pengen nangis sih. Tapi, entah kenapa tadi pas di gereja dan pamit pulang ke Indo…





nangis lah.

hiks. i’m gonna miss my Buckenberg Kirche. I’ll miss my Pfarer Wuerfel, i’ll miss all grandpa and grandmom yang selalu gereja bareng tiap hari Minggu. Even though i sometimes didn’t understand what you guys talked about, i just love the moment when i could pray to my J, sing all songs for him, and meeting all people who also loved Him as much as i do. Will miss the morning hits, from heavy winter to hot summer, 10.00 AM routines, doa Vater Unser (thank God udah apal loh sekarang!), now i proudly can say that i could pray Doa Bapa Kami in 4 languages (Indonesia, English, Bataknese, and Germany!)




So many memories in this church. And my closing ceremony is filled with Nigerien choirs with cool singer sing all my favorite songs (I will follow him, This Little Light of Mine, O Happy Day). I felt like i’m in Sister Act or something. I’m gonna miss the moment, when i felt all guilt, all worries, and i know every Sunday i have a chance to be in my Father’s home. It’s just…i felt save. And i felt like i’m home. Cheezy rigggghtttt?



Well, i hope you grow and grow every single day, more youngsters in the next couple of years and hopefully, i’ll meet you guys again somewhere in the future! Tons of kisses from me to you, Buckenberg Kirche :* :* :* :* :* :* :*


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