Raspberry Recap




Anyhow, what in the whole-wide-world i decided to start writing again? Why? How? Well, my friend incidentally found my long lost blog (i don’t even know and want to know how and why) and i’m having a long reunion with my full-of-misery self within this blog. And i’m thinking, why am i not starting to write again? I’m in THAT situation again (living by myself, walking everyday, missing home) and this blog somehow MIGHT become my some sort of connection to real world (how could you even think like that?) ANYWAY, i just missing writing and with my limited internet access, i might sneak out, write a blog post with my company’s computer, acting like i’m doing something related to work while I’m happily writing all of my complains here.



Short recap. I’m 20. Going on 21 (Please don’t come up too soon). Working (well….that sounds like NOT a lot of fun) on Indonesian Oil Company. Currently living in Balikpapan. Limited internet access. Still curly. Still curvy. Still having that Over-compulsive-Disorder of mine. Still loving fruits. Still crazy. Still a proud bookworm. Still searching for my beloved husband (shut up. just…shut up you,i-want-to-mock-you-you-don’t-even-have-boyfriend-yet, people).



Have a lot of things in mind for my blog. Well, i might state this now but I. AM. NOW. LIVING. IN. THE. REAL. ISLAND. IN. THE. SUN. the hell, what’s wrong with the sun and Balikpapan? It’s like they are overly possesive to each other, the sun. JUST. DON’T. WANT. TO. MOVE. FROM. THE. TOP. OF. MY. HEAD.




well, welcome to your island in the sun, Angelia Khaterine A.K.A Nicki Minaj.


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