Smashing Pumpkin

I wanna SMASH you in your face!!!!!!





have you ever got that feeling, when you wanna punch someone in the face? And have you ever got that freaky person who always mock you, humiliate you in front of people, like you’re some kind of a joke or something ALL THE TIME?  They shared her story to you, just because she thought you’re her friend, YOU, not any other i-don’t-even-know-who-they-are. She thought that she could distribute all of her crazy thought, her crazy skills and so on and it does NOT meant that she is allowing you to share it like some kind of free-bubblegum to everyone else.


well, people (girls, specially) has feeling. And don’t mess with them.






Because someday, we don’t know this someday might come real soon or just some like 1000 days later, you’re gonna regret things you’ve said to this particular person because she might be someone you HAVE TO respect. Because if you don’t, well…she might SMASH your chair and throw you from your position.






[blame my PMS for being so rude. And for having a not a ball-of-sunshine attitude]


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