Color of the Rainbow

one thing i learned from things that occur through my life: saying goodbye is such a pain in the butt. And in every stage of your life, you have to state it somehow. I hate it.

But people said, a painful goodbye could only happened when you have a wonderful experience with people related to it. And it did. Recently i have to say goodbye to my wonderful friends, even i just know most of them for such a short time, 6 months to be exact, but i knew these girls could accept the best and worst of me. Which is kind of rare knowing how spoiled and annoying i am sometime. And i ADORE these smart and beautiful girls at the same time.

I know we’ll be separate miles and miles away. But girls, i know sometime in the future, i’ll meet you all again, with a brand new smile, TONS of new stories, brand new personalities and experiences worth sharing. Hey, i have years to grow up to catch with y’all, right?

Keep shinning girls. As cheezy as Rihanna might said, Shine bright like a diamond! Love you and will continue on doing that until we laugh together again (and further more!)


Color of the Rainbow


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