How to Enjoy Reading?

In this hello-i-could-do-all-things-within-my-fingertips era (read: high technology gadgets addiction), IMO people are leaving the oldish way of enjoying life. Reading.


I mean, really reading a piece of book. Piles of papers stuck up in one huge un-ecofriendly thing called book. Well, call me old fashion, but i enjoyed this way of reading instead of reading something online, or e-booking, or anything else rather than reading from actual books. I love the smell of paper, the way books didn’t hurt my eyes the way some gadgets did when i used it more than it should be. Sometimes i could leave this whole wide world, and live in my own paradise that my favorite authors had created for me.





So, how, dear Kathy, you enjoy reading?

1. I choose books that might interest me. I tried to read something oh-my-goodness-you-really-NEVER-read-this-book (read: Harry Potter) and social stereotype didn’t leave me with satisfaction. I need books that could waken up my nerdy side, instead of reading something that the entire universe read so that i could caught up with social interaction. No, i need me some books i literally LOVE the idea behind it. Nowadays, i kind of interested of reading something about Holocaust (yes, It’s already over, why oh why i still reading this kind of book?) but something about Nazi, camp concentration, human survival and a little sprinkle of romance, really fascinated me. Yes, it’s brutal and some people might get nauseous reading about this. But OH MY GOODNESS, i LOVE it. So when my eyeballs caught up with some word like Holocaust, Camp Concentration, Nazi, Auschwitz, German…SOLD! I’m buying those books!

Some books i LOVE: Between shades of gray, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, The Book Thief, Number the Stars and currently reading Nights, which everybody seemed to love. 



2. Read when you’re in the mood. Unless you’re reading for your exam, you read because you want pleasure. You want to spend your leisure time doing unproductive thing that makes you happy. So choose the moment you want to be sucked into different world, or you will NOT love reading. I tried once, to finish all the books i bought, and because of this unnecessary impulse, i have a moment when i felt reading was such a OH-MY-DOG-WHY-AM-I-DOING-THIS? i felt reading Nicholas sparks’ books just like reading an economic bible for my exam. Not good.

3. I wear my uniform: Pajamas. A.K.A super short shorts that i stole from my father (or brother, or little brother) and comfy shirt and some snacks A.K.A apples and his friends (named grapes, bananas, oranges, strawberries). It sounds soooo pretty, but no. This is not a i’m-a-geek-princess-who-likes-to-read. No. This is the moment when i slaughtered my face with juices from those fruits, looking like a troll while reading my books. The evidence of this ew moment are all around my books. So….don’t borrow my babies. You.Will.Get.Sick.

4. Get your goodreads account. I’m raping my bank account by following number of people that has the same taste of books with me. From this, and my book fairy godmother (Read: opetrolley), i managed to catch up with newest book with themes i love, and falling in love all over again with my new babies. Follow me, anyway! http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/13547092-angelia-khaterine

5. Give yourself a book challenge. Well, you will do this if you have goodreads account. So, do that!


I know i’m not a super smart girl after reading all books like a mad dog recently. But i could say, i love reading rather than watching rolls of movies these days. I felt like i could play with my own imagination instead of some bearded producers tried to stole my imagination away and built up their imagination in my brain through their movies. That is the reason why i read books first before some crazy producer tried to bring my characters alive (most of the time: FAILED. you make my characters look like a living trollllll!!!!) Like world war Z, books i really LOVE and Brad Pitt came and destroyed my fantasy with his unwashed beard. Oh my, don’t make me start on mocking this movie.



(why, oh why, you ruined my imagination, Pittzy? Please, go back to your Benjamin Button phase. I love you, but no i don’t need me some bearded guy ruin my World War Z)



Okay, that was exhausting. I need me my own space to mock World War Z movie. And Twilight, maybe? (Another DISASTER. Oh my, i’m starting to ramble out of nowhere now, i should stop).

OK, people who read my blog…That were my crazy tips how to enjoy reading. Hope you’ll get mad like me! See you in your imaginary world!



One thought on “How to Enjoy Reading?

  1. My partner and i admire whatever you have done right here. I love the particular part where you say you are carrying out this to present back on the other hand would suppose by each of the comments that’s working for you too. Do you have anymore info on this particular?

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