5 Weirdest Things

5 Weirdest Things You Wanna Do Right This Moment!

1. Bungee Jumping!

This thing crossed my mind right after i turned on my computer in my office. Thinking about getting on highest bridges, jump myself out there, and having the best heart-racing experience i might have in my entire life. Please, i need those intoxicated activities! I could scream myself like mad woman, screw everybody i hated, forget about everything and in couple of minutes, i completed one of activity i’ve listed in my bucket list!


2. Having a baby.


Anyway, i want a baby or two. I want something i own for myself for my entire life. I wanna teach someone how to live, to do things i wanna do, to avoid things i should not do. I wanna have someone who always excited when i got home.

3.Travel to India and Nepal


2 Places i wanted to go the most. I wanna wear t-shirt and short, bring my bottle of water, walking on my flats, around these two countries, learning their cultures, getting dirty and smells like curry, took thousand crazy pictures and having the best time in my life! I’m not talking about hiking to the top of Himalayan Mountain, I’m not that adventurous. I just LOVE seeing different cultures, talking gorilla style with local people (i mean moving my hands like crazy to describe things they don’t understand in English). I just need travel companion. Someone? Or i might steal my brothers…Well, that sounds good.

4. Driving a Subaru Car


Hello, Sexy. Hello, Wallet. Hello, Dream-On-Girl-You-Can’t-Drive-That-Unless-You-Got-Knocked-Out-By-President-Son.

5. Seeing Mumford and Sun Live

Can’t this one just be real next year???????????????????????????



6 thoughts on “5 Weirdest Things

  1. littlelionman98 says:

    I bungee jumped once, and it scared the crap out of me. Mumford and Sons is my favorite band, but I’ve never seen them in concert. I doubt I ever will, either. 😦

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