Damn you, Poppy Seeds

What happened in my life recently?

1. Recently rushing through all shopping website to search a perfect gift for my personal angel, my Mom. But still haven’t got the one that really satisfied me. Hopefully, soon please…

2. Am being crazy lately. A lot of work bumped into my desk and i just overflowed with those. Sometimes it sucks being someone with responsibility. Or it sucks being a corporate slave?

3. Praying for my lovely brothers, best boys ever lived in this planet. I miss both of them, miss mocking both of them, telling everything that came up in my mind, splurging them with anything they asked for. Hope that their dreams become reality soon…As every second they drifted away from their dreams, it just took a little pieces of me 😦

4. Am still dreaming about going to USA for studying. Little Boston or North Carolina, I’m dreaming of you….

5. I need more books…

6. I really wanna be a teacher. Before entering my recent job, am thinking about being a teacher in my university. But somehow, my parents didn’t actually agree with that idea. Thinking about situation right now, can i still be a teacher now? Hmm…

Well i just can’t think what to write.


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