Holiday Tunes

Being an absolutely crazy singing-all-the-time girl these past few days…So, i might share with you my holiday tunes a.k.a my ultimate soundtracks that accompany me through workloads, walking space, and almost everything i’ve done these days…15’s a charm, so here we go:

1. The 1975 – Settle Down

2. The Head and the Heart – Winter Song

3. Miike Snow – Black & Blue

4. Ingrid Michaelson – Can’t Help Falling In Love

5. Coin – Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkel Cover)

6. Fun – Sight of the Sun

7. The Paper Kites – Featherstone

8. Vampire Weekend – Unbelievers

9. Sondre Lerche – I’ll Be OK

10. The Bird & the Bee – Heard it on the Radio

11. Paolo Nutini – Rewind

12. Fresh Body Shop – Rainbow Stone

13. The Killers – All These Things that I’ve Done

14. Nickelback – Photograph (geez…this song was like, ages ago?! still loving it, though

15. Bonnie Pink – It’s Gonna Rain (from one of my favorite anime of all time…They have the best soundtrack EVER)

There goes my crazy shortlisted playlist…They might be weird, but…yeah, that just how it rolls. let me know if you like same kind of music like i did, or maybe recommendation? To even making my eerie life more colorful?


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