Security is one-hell-of-necessity you don’t consider you’ll need it, but you actually lived with it. Feeling secure, with yourself, your body, your job, people around you, are rewards that you don’t even consider to chase, but when you don’t have it, you’ll be desperate as hell.

Have you been in that phase, phase when you don’t like everything that revolves around you?

I do. Right this moment. Right this minute, in front of my laptop. In the middle of my bedroom, in the middle of the night (or morning, whichever you prefer).

I feel insecure with myself. I don’t feel proud with my work. i HATE my body. i felt like i disappointed myself and anyone around me. I feel everything crumbles around me. Am i in that annoying phase, when woman hits certain number of age, when she started to feel unsettled, when hormones, not logic, are majorly speaking,  both in her digest system and her basic life?






But sometimes, insecurity is something you just need. To move yourself, to regain your power. To learn how to love yourself once more. To remember, how you love everything around you before, and understand why they’re worth.



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