An Education


Are moments when alphabet made a conscious coupling (yep, that’s a term). Like relationship, words could be beautiful, but also could contrastingly destructive. You never imagine what sentences could lead someone’s life into a living dream, or break someone’s life to pieces. Have you ever bumped to those moments, when your life has been moved by someone else words?



So, i decided to take my life to challenging states of mind.

I wanna pursue my dreams, to take my education to higher level. It’s gonna be a long bumpy roads, but an awesome journey always starts with single step, right? Consulting my decision with my parents (took lots of tears and broken tissue papers), and i think they realized i just felt ‘alive’ while I’m studying. Studying makes me happy. Am not kidding. I don’t know what kind of crazy person am i, but i love reading tons of books, debating my choices to others, challenging myself with complicated numbers and meeting awesome teacher with their extraordinary experience that i wished i could have someday.

Preparation will take, like whole semester, but i am prepared. I am 21 years old. I have dreams. And no words of unimportant people could lead me down, loosing confident and worst, loosing my grips to my dreams. I wanna collect my own tuition in prior, in case scholarship’s beyond reach. I don’t wanna state where i wanna go, but i’m pretty sure it will be overseas 🙂 



So, let’s get this party started! 




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