dog, pug

What is this sh*t?!!!!

Pug Love

As a proud Pug owner, I couldn’t stare this post without laughing + hitting my desk so hard. Oh my mighty dog, isn’t that cute or what?!!! Pug racing in Germany, like 2 of my favorite things gathered up in one post. MY OH MY…

And for the record, my dog could do run like crazy. Sometimes it’s upsetting when he could ran pass me when I’m like “uh-oh-uh-oh” and he just stare at me, like “hello, is that what you called you ran 10 km 3 times a week? I’m just laying on ma bed everyday and I could move my ass faster than you”

Well, not like that, but you catch my drift, right?

Pug is such a cute organism to own, really. They don’t just give you tons of adorable pictures, but they could just lighten up your day instantly by sitting in front of you, showing their “hello-I’m-such-a-cuteeh” faces that made you laugh. First trimester you adopt them, they could really play it rough. Well, you need to know that pug is rather hard to train. Looking at their faces, you just know that their IQ is seriously low, like when you throw them balls, they like “what-are-you-doing? Am-I-supposed-to-catch-it?” Yeah…Not naturally a smart-ass dog, but when you trained them patiently, they could be the smartest dog ever.

I’m not the master of teaching dogs to do things and tricks, but my Woofy could sit and run like dogs in the movie now. Hell yeah, scored!!!

So here’s the plus(es) and minus (es) of having a pug:


+ Plus Side(s)

1. They’re adorable. That’s just as deep as it could.

2. They don’t really drool like you might think. My pug wasn’t really drool that much.

3. They know your feeling. When you feeling sad and throw them out of the house, they will sit in front of your door, staring at you with their bubbly eyes, which WILL soften your heart and made everything better (okay, that’s lame)

4. They’re fat. Because, who doesn’t love FAT DOGGGG???????

5. They don’t go and break things. Because, they’re the Persian cat in dog universe. They just sit, eat, sleep and being adorable.

6. They don’t have that crazy long hair that made you made thousand trips to dog salon. They’re just super easy to take care of.

7. If you’re that lazy person who don’t have tons of times to take your dog for a walk, pug just don’t need tons. Bring them once or twice a week, and they will be just fine.


– Negative Side(s)

1. They’re picky eater. My dog love his wafer like crazy. We even made one special can of wafer just for his snacks. Really, could you pick more expensive snacks?!

2. They don’t have that crazy long hair that made your dog picture looks like you have taken care of your dog so much. My dog picture always looks like he needs a shower, even though he just made it. Damn it.

3. They need to see people. All. The. Time.

4. If they don’t have fat-ass, people think you don’t give them enough food. Well, isn’t it possible that my pug has big worms like one of those people who could eat everything but stay thin? (and you just wanna throw them in the attic because, damn it that wasn’t fair!)


So, my advice, please…adopt one! Their negativities isn’t that important, as they could be your lifetime buddy and when you feeling down, you could just stare their pictures and laugh constantly. Awwwwwww I’m such a pug lunatic ❤ ❤ ❤



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