When you watched some shows in TV, sometimes you just mocked them ’cause “Oh My! You’re such a drama queen! That stuff is not even matter, why’d you take it so seriously?”

Well guys, sometimes small things that didn’t matter to you could mean the whole world to others. That’s why it’s hard being born in human body, because we have this complicated things that messed up our mind, billions of tiny different things differed from one to another, which was a harsh bullet to other person’s life while to another it’s just a piece of added information. God’s a total rock star, I don’t know how He could arrange this complicated life-path for billions of people around the world?

This week has been a really harsh couple of days for me. I don’t know, can anyone lose confidence just after seeing 1 sentence?

Shame on me. But I’ll regain my confidence. I will. Took times and thousand of changes, but I will. be that person again.

There’s a quote :
“people have different kind of battles on their own. So we better be nice to anyone. Always”


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