(In)Perfect Zone

Just yesterday, I read an article, blabbering about one beautiful girl who transformed her whole body to be exactly like living Barbie. Yes, that Barbie we called “the perfect girl”, the most beautiful creatures human ever created. People said things like “OMG, she’s so beautiful just like Barbie!” quite a lot, stating that Barbie is the ultimate desired image we girls wanted to be.

And when I saw the picture of this “Living Barbie” I was like,
Oh God. No.
Is this the image we wanted to be?
Is this what we called beautiful?
Is this what perfect looks like?
Because i have no desire to be one of it.

And I wonder, how this body image issues we planted in every girls, small and well-grown up, are too misleading. Growing with dozens of Barbies in my collections, I realized that I, too have this standard planted on my head:

That girl should be drop dead skinny to be called beautiful.
That long, straight hair are the international standard of pretty.
That big, perfected breasts are a must-have items to be recognized by societies.

Not just that, every time we flipped magazines, there always these articles and ads picturing unrealistic skinny girls, that made every girls realized that to be recognized and desired by societies, we need to be like them. Questioned marked on my head:

Are brain capabilities now dead?
Are quirky personalities now considered to be an outsiders?
Are diversities create chaotic societies?

If you asked me, I’ll answer this:
I LOVE brainiac.
I was born with quirky personalities, yet I don’t do anything to cover it.
And don’t we all get bored, seeing the same things over and over again, because that’s the only thing we have in this societies?

After seeing 8 inspiring young teacher who left everything they had in their hometown just to try changing bunch of kids life, I realized that this body image issues are just one of that stupid things we build in this planet. We have tons of things more important that we need to take care of, instead of building up this whole group of girls with perfect everything.
When I saw these tropical island kids, with super tanned skins, scars all over their feet after running too fast to catch their friends, uneven teeth after chewing too many candies, yet smiles drew as wide as they can, realization bumped me that this, yes this is the kind of beautiful creatures I want to see in my country.
I want small kids wavering around their neighborhood, eating ice creams or snacking weird street foods, without worrying that someday their body transformed to be ‘out’ of this perfect zone we once created.
I want children run freely, without fearing that they might fell down on their knees, breaking their perfect skin, just because they will be mocked by people on having these cracked skin.
Because hearing 6 years old kid beside me stating that they are fat, they are short, while they are just beautiful as it is, made me cry inside, pondering whether the way I talked and behaved are affecting them. Whether their purity has been destructed from the beginning of their involvement with other people started.

Did loving people require standards?
Why do we have to be perfect?


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