Human Nature

Do you ever noticed,
That human nature, is indeed, the strangest gesture you’ve ever encountered in your life.
It could be cruel, vicious, pure evil yet sometimes it just sincere, like you don’t even have any idea why people could do such things to you.

For 22 years of my life, I’ve been witnessing thousand different kind of human natures. I’ve been hurt, cried over yet sometimes (a LOT of time, to be precise) blown away for the kindness of people. When I saw or felt crushed for what people do to harm me, God, just like the master of time He is, show me how human could be naturally kind, way beyond what you think they capable of. And I don’t know how God do this, sometimes small gestures people did to you could made your entire day as bright as sunshine.

For 22 years of my life, I felt disappointed on people, like I don’t know how many different times. Putting on serious hope in an enormous level, you felt like people don’t do justice on what you expected them to be/to do. But have you ever stumbled on people who just did something you don’t expect them to do, flattered you the way no one else did, because they thought about you that big while you don’t consider them as someone worth that much?

Gestures are not always things as heavy as giving you tons of presents or calling you sweet names like you’re the queen of their world. Simple as people remembering your birthday date when you know you haven’t contacted them for a year or so, or hearing people saying thank you for our little help, could made your cloudy day to be one of the highlight of your life.

And have you ever wondered, how the way people talked behind your back, could change the way you saw them?
Really, people can talk lots of craps and shits, yet they can also praise you to the point that you felt like million dollars, you felt so precious beyond your capabilities.
That’s just a small glimpse of what human can do to your life.

To believe and trust on people is hard.
To give up on people is easy as peas.
But believe me, to wait for people is worth every second
Because people can change, people can grow, and people can do a lot of different things to your life.
Human nature is rare, unique and one of a kind.
You just need to embrace it, to better or to worst.


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