Dream, News, Peace, Thought


Means : Finding beauty in the imperfections, an acceptance of the cycle of life and death.
Japanese word and one of very few words that has no translation to English word.
Expression that turns into word, whether its in their original language or published on Webster, are able to made us further felt tangible and attached to them, and shaping the way we see things.
But what I felt right now is beyond the description of this Japanese word.
Because I don’t think words could handle the cruelty, the nonsense of what just happening in this world right now.

I might not earned major on social politics, religious beliefs, nor international relation.
Those thick law books, series of political debates, or even news on who are the next leader that reigned over a country I might certainly passed on.
But I think every single person in this entire world has sense of conscience in their heart and these past weeks news has just gone crazy.
Crazy in the level of, of God what did Human think? What. Just. Happened?

You probably have read news about Ferguson riots, or Madman held hostages then gone crazy in Sydney or recent news on Taliban shooting (again) in Pakistan primary school, with 140s underage children found dead.
In my opinion, this stories just have something in common.
That guns, those human creation, not only shuts humans steps in this world, but also shuts human hearts.
That humans, above the statements of being the most perfected creatures ever, are still incapable of something.
Accepting and Living with differences.
Whether differences in skin color, ideology, even religion.

Put aside those wrong religious beliefs, political articles, norms or tons of other craps that these people planted on their followers, I was wondering whether these gunman(s) have ever felt a slight, just a slight of hesitation when they shot to death people with no clue of their background, no whatsoever news regarding their whole life.
What great power do their leader have so that they could flip human pure conscience to these cruel beasts, animals I could harshly said?
What did they chase?

I don’t disregard variation of beliefs, as I know every beliefs has kindness on them in their own way.
But do people really think straightly when they thought that with the ending of anonymous people’s life, God will regards them with one nice place on Heaven?
Really, people?
If that’s true, then no. I don’t want a place on YOUR heaven.
Because how could people smile, laugh or even breathe after crushing somebody and their family’s life to pieces, made them breathing in living hell every single day of their remainder life?
How could people even have GUTS to imagine living in those beautiful place called heaven after leaving hundreds of people traumatized or gone insane every time they saw pack of people walking, left alone gunshot?
What kind of Heaven did these people have in mind?
Is those place covered in blood? Covered in innocent people blood?

I don’t disregards people crave to power, as I do believe that all people urge to have power within their grasps, to control number of people to do as their told, to order people to do what we wanted.
But how could you control people, when their eyes staring at you with hatred?
How could you asked people to do series of tasks when every single night they go to sleep with mourned filled their head?
What did these people want to achieve?
Status quo of their country?
Even when your own citizens are scared to death, even to walk across the street?

I was wondering, whether the core problem of these are education.
Is it, though?
But with USA having known as the center of high-level education, with Sydney as one of the main destination of students hungry for knowledge around the world, still struggling the same problem as Pakistan-Afghanistan in accepting differences, I lost track.
For once In my life, I want a chance to talk to these people, I wanna know what’s inside their brain.
I wanna know, did their heart bumped every time a bullet crossed a children’s head?
Do they have children on their own?

“My son was my dream. My dream has been killed”
-One grieving father, after a lost of his only son on Taliban massacre.

My prayer goes to every single family that just lost their living stars.
I can’t imagine, and I don’t even have guts to imagine, living in the sorrow you’re living in.
May God gave His shining stars to lighten up their darkest night.
May God gave them new courage, to feel love again.
To turn their revenge on prayers and good deeds, and to turn their fear to inability on hurting another people.

People, just please, stop this insanity.


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