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Love Is All You Need

I’ve been bored in my work desk, have nothing to do, end up searching through different kind of articles about genocide.
Yes. Genocide.

People nowadays might think ” oh dear, those people have no education. That’s the main reason why Genocide happened. We learned thousand different things these days, so that ancient word should not, and CAN’T be happened again”

Uh-oh. Didn’t think so.
You might be right, genocide happened in mostly developing to poor countries.
Congo, Cambodia, Armenia, Rwanda, to say the least.

Rwanda’s story for example.
These “pure blood” nonsense that drove Tutsi people (one of the original inhabitants of Rwanda) to their almost extinction is way dreadful that you might possibly imagine.
And the lasting and profound impact that still occurred in Rwanda because of these 100-ish days of genocide, is the spreading of HIV infection as the side effect of the “war-rape” they used, making thousands of woman (and those babies who were born to a newly-affected HIV mother) carried these diseases, and even died years after the genocide’s over.
Babies, guys. With no idea whatsoever on their mind on what happened in their country, already carried diseases so powerful as HIV.
In this case, maybe the lack of education is the core problem of this insanity.
But what happened with the rest of the cases?

I still have those memories in my head, when I visited the famous killing field in Cambodia.
Seeing thousands of skulls remained still in the museum, hearing those survivors telling stories about their relatives being captured by people they don’t even know, and their cold-dead bodies being thrown away to random ground, while the police enjoyed the “killing time” with local song being played on speakers so that neighbors couldn’t hear the scream of dying people on that massacre.
You might think that in this case, these people might have not earned education right.
But did you know, Pol Pot, the mastermind behind these genocide, is graduated from France with scholarship in electrical school. Big brainer, right?
3 millions people. Die with might be no track record of where their bodies remained.

Do you remember also Holocaust era?
Who were the main generator of the operation?
Is that THE country who lay under “most civilized, educated and cultured society in whole world” name?
But still, MILLIONS, 4 millions to say the least, died with no humanity or dignity in hands of people that they never even speak before.
These people, who dragged along from city to city, with thin layer of clothing in severely cold winter, are treated as lower cast, just because certain religion, certain culture are considered vile.
This should serve as a warning that no country is immune from becoming a killing field under the right circumstances and with the right (insane) leader.

This rose question in my head
Could hate and desperation made people treated others to the most inconceivable fashion, to the point that seeing other people screaming their lungs for piece of bread, or begging for sip of waters?
With news all over the world nowadays, I humbly think that genocide is nowhere to be extinct.
The possibility is always there, while people still permit hate in their heart.
The key is not higher education, smarter educator or a genius politician.
Simply put to your heart:

“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you;
Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you;
If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also;
Do to others as you would have them do to you”

I think if every leader in every path they took, plant this passage on their head, people might believe there is such thing as heaven out there 🙂


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