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Ring of Life

It’s hard to be kind-hearted human being, when every living thing you saw are destructive and behaves as their own, never consider their surrounding as they are trying to survive themselves.

Whether to survive on living, on keeping their pride high, or just simply to be a well-being human.



But it’s even harder to be kind-hearted AND honest human being.

To be able to speak as you see fit, to share everything you believe in, and to shorty tell the truth, without hurting or declining others. Without making your pair have to fake their happiness in crowded places, while those miserable feeling you affected to them sticks to their head the whole day. Without loosened someone else confidence while yourself wholeheartedly told what’s on your mind, without spicing it up, without any intention to do so.


Our society pushed us every single day, to be kind. But they also urge us to be honest. Kind and honest are the pearls that human expected to dig and search more, further to adjust their lives wearing these two day to day.

But do you believe that kind AND honest; could walk side by side, to create this word a pleasant world to live in?



My own self-conscious thought that you don’t have to be honest, to be respectively kind

Yet you also don’t immediately be a kind person, when you speak as you heard, or think, or feel.

Because this world revolves around human with complicated mind, unpredictable expectation yet their own sorrows that haunted them in each steps they took. You can’t generate or even categorize human to this one specific criteria, because human are extremely complex. One thing might work with you, but not with others. The rising and glory of one person might be the downfall of others.

To be kind, you need to spice your words with, not necessarily true circumstances, but words which brought happiness. Or simply to seal yourself into blabbering something that don’t give any impact to others, only hate/hurt/disappointment.

On the other hand, telling the truth is at some point, hurtful. The reality you brought to people might waken them up from their own reality, their own made-up fact that they tend to believe in to. But people are different from any other creatures; they can withstand pain, and reversely they could saw others suffer. The importance of telling the truth, in my opinion, lies on human judgment and the ability to navigate their self-control, to satisfy not just themselves but also others.

Is your truth screamed louder than others happiness? Are those facts needed to be heard, or you just stating something that meant nothing to you, but literally the world for someone else?

Is it necessary to lean toward honesty, rather than being kind?

Or lighten people up with truth that has been sheltered, will lead them with, might be not an immediate happiness, but reality?


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