Human, Life, Love, reminder, Thought

Nothing Lasts Forever

1. Give thanks, to every single one who made you smile, even a little bit;

2. Respect those, who inspire your life-changing decision, the one who simply made you have that courage to wake up this early morning, or those who made you stand right where you are.

3. Grateful for, people who laugh at your jokes, and forgive you when you got a little bit off the roads

4. Spread love, to those who are longing for warm embrace, those who always misses, those who crave attention

5. Pay attention, on what people said wholeheartedly, on what your closest wanted you to do, if those for your own good or your surroundings

6. Speak, what hurt your heart the most, what you think was right, and what you wanted the world to change.

7. Stand up, for what you believe, for who loves you, and for someone who means the world to you.

semoga bisa. semoga bisa. semoga bisa.


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