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we are once a wanderer of our own, chasing what’s on our mind within our own thoughts, solves our worriedness in loneliness, seeking the power of melancholic writing or searching for romanticized-lyric, just to give some relieve in our heavy-unshared thinking.

then we bumped into someone, when suddenly this customs are, well it’s not really an obligation, but you know you need some adaptation.

adjusting, to share what’s on your mind, to let them wanders around your thought with you, to welcome them on your world.

and somehow, it wasn’t as hard as you predict it would be. there’s still some things you keep to yourself, which is fairly humane I think. but after all, those fences you thought no one else could break, is piece by piece flew by without you even noticing.



that’s one person you talking about.

what about others, that came along with it?

is your fence wide enough to welcome those? or do YOU have the willingness to open your fence for them? are you comfortable enough, to adjust your highly-privatized life and turn it into a complete opposite of it?


human relationship possessed a completely strange vibe. you could switch over to a different personality you have never know ever existed. you suddenly have power to give in your human nature, and give way for others characteristic to penetrate you. you NEVER wanted to change things in that particular person, that never bother you in the first place, they are still as perfect as you found them way back them. you LOVE how they found comfort on others, as much as you found it on your own. then you started to consider, are you  too “exclusive”, too picky, or just vibrate in a completely odd frequency compare to others? you tried to change yourself, thinking maybe the exact problem lies within you and your stupid fences.


but then the question next is, are you absolutely pleasant with it?









“you could still be

what you want to be,

what you said you were,

when you met me” 




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Three Things I’m Grateful For

1. To be able to help a-suddenly-confused-supervisor, who got pale after receiving an unexpected meeting invitation, even just a little bit. Seeing someone else’s relieve face is a treasure, I’m weirdly addicted to 😀

2. To hear my best friend finally got contacted by the long-lost ex, whom I secretly pray for them to re-coupling once more. Good people would find a way to find another, I believe. Am I the only person who got excited over someone else’s relationship?

3. To be able to do my usual morning habits: the wake-up, shower, have breakfast, work, with no significant disturbance. Reading news in early morning, knocked my head that this simple routine, is the thing that I SHOULD be grateful of, when others find it difficult even just to wake themselves up.

There’s so much to be grateful for, words are clearly a poor things, someone said.
And it did!