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Refugee 101 (On a Stranger Point of View)

“A person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it..”
(1951 Refugee Convention in Genève, article 1)



This particular word, Refugee(s), might sound so familiar for you, as every newspaper nowadays has marked them on their headlines several times of a month, or a week even.
Their photos spread everywhere, from children to older women, with different kind of skin colors and racial status, each struggled the worst condition in human race today: the loss of human rights.



In prior year, there are millions and millions of people flown from their own countries seeking for temporary shelter with reasons like religion clash, civil wars, poor economic condition and many other reasons.
The conditions of their country seems so dreadful, they even have guts to cross ocean with minimum preparation and terrible vessels, which delivers another sad news such as sinking vessels loaded with hundreds of poor condition of people, looking for asylum (terms scholars used to call shelter for refugees).
Some stories just irritable in a sense of “are you even human to even do that to another” kind of way, when another countries simply close their doors to these refugees, even after seeing their ripped clothes or tired face after such a long journey away from home.
Possible host countries are now openly rejecting the arrival of refugees in their countries, tightening their borders with tense stand-off police, making it impossible to find a new home, and stating clearly that they are opposed refugees in their land.

Not to mention there are people, migrant who only seek for “more”, are now utilize this chaotic situation to cross neighboring countries border with the intention only to migrate easier, which only causing more trouble and hardening the life of refugees.



Really, sometimes human are sooo brilliant, and smarter when they are in trouble, or in hard time.



And more we dig about this case; one crucial word seems to be the page-turner headlines.

In most case, dissimilarity in religion leads to inability to accept new people. Which is, good Lord, aren’t we already living in 21 century, where diversities celebrated and equality honored?

European and American are even shamefully build this “phobia” upon certain religion, continues to create riots voicing their refusal of these people.
Like, really?
Even worst, similarity in religion even, could not open the eyes of humanity.
Ethnic and religion cleansing, which is nonsense in every aspect of human conscience, are the reason of Rohingya became refugees in first place, but these reasons seems nothing to neighboring countries who claimed themselves “enormous” in number of people with same religion as what these refugees believes.
You should notice them, who has the same religion as you, as your family, am I right?
Is that the basic constitution of a religion?



Religion is NOT the reason to blame. Human did.
People fear of instability. People fear of strangers. People fear of insecurity. People fear that these poor people will turn wealthy, snatched their job opportunity, and won’t go back to their country, just like what the Turks now experienced in Germany.


Faster we run to liberality, faster we backed right where we started.
Or even further back.
What’s different now with isolated ghetto in Europe, or Berlin Walls, or the fear of Jewish community taken control of European economy back in 1930s?
Goodbye Schengen. Goodbye Union. Goodbye free trade. Goodbye solidarity




But refugee is not as simple as morality anymore.

It’s about ego combined with sense of security topped with greed.
Government, people nowadays call it.
Morality came in 100th place, they even discussed on “trading” refugees to 3rd party countries, when the host country could not or would not accept them.
Did you see the “shelter” or can we say remote island Australian has built to cage the unwanted refugee?
Dreadful, when you imagine kids locked up in a tiny island.
Not to mention how shelters are now privatized by their government and people are making business out of it.

Refugees are people; they are not products to be packaged at the lowest price and sold to the highest bidders, guys.



Somehow, when I read those articles, this tiny part of my heart felt, sadly, relieved.
Relieved that I don’t have this necessity to ‘choose’ to whom I’ve belonged to.
Relieved that I always been welcome to this country I called home.
Relieved that I could educate myself, praise whatever whoever wherever I want, deliver opinion and express myself in every possible way I could think of.

(Anyway, I read one article that could sooth my heart. It’s about religion as part of solution, where thousands of people out there already believe it as driving force behind wars.
Religious leader should gathered up and conduct interfaith discussion more often so that they could acts as a peacemaker and reconciler, as the voice of conscience, to make sure that Religion is here in this world to unite, not divide humanity)

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Motion Picture Bites

What’s your kind of perfect weekend?

Mine: sleeping all day long, watching TONS of movies (from useless to heart-stopping) and sipping on a cup or two of tongue-burning green tea. Don’t judge, I’m that kind of hippo.

This weekend’s kind of different. As cliché as it may sound, movies I’ve watched this last 2 days made me wander a little bit.

I’ve decided to watch Oscar-nominated or winner movies this weekend, with mission to find messages or reasons why those small amount of handpicked-judges could announced these movies to be written behind Oscar-listed movies. Although public has mocked them for their super-subjective opinion towards the winner them, or even praise their sometimes-out-of-prediction judgment, at the end these judges opinions surely drove a significant increase on these shortlisted-movies ratings. Sometimes, a hardly-even-heard movie finally found their audience after placing the so-called Oscar-Nominee Movies above their title. What a power!

So, what messages I found in movies I watched this past 2 days?

1. Letter from Iwo Jima

Before I explained further, you have to know that I have this crazy obsession toward WW2. From the stories, the flight, the romances, photographs, and nonstop drama from every party involved in this deadly war, I just love love LOVE. So when my hands randomly picked this movie, subjectively I would pay more attention. The story revolves around the ups-and-downs of how Japanese armies protected Mount Suribachi, which is the last resort before US Army would finally touch their homeland. This movie is the counterpart of Flags of Our Father, which I haven’t watched, since, oh God, don’t we have enough heroic movies about USA?

Anyhow, I LOVE how this movie is not about a big-powerful hero, but how desperation towards defeat made strong-willed army lose their confidence and option like suicide is not even taboo. I admire how Eastwood could make a General, who look strong and powerful, lose hope. I’m obsessed with the fact that character like Saigo, only a worthless pion who from the beginning in this movie always wanted to surrender, at the end be the one who witnessed all of his captains given up and eventually killed themselves.

I got overly-obsessed with Japan after this movie and blown away with their never-surrender attitude. Or as I may say, I even believe that Japan won’t give up even when USA had finally touched Tokyo, if Hiroshima-Nagasaki didn’t happen. As you know, nuclear is the most disastrous war-weapon to date, so whoever uses this weapon surely would win any war. And USA to use it to a small country, not to mention an Asian, is a brave act to state that Japan is a compatible opponent. Surely within days, Japan surrendered, in defense to avoid the so-called “total extinction of human civilization”. I quoted how they called this movement as “enduring the unendurable and suffering what is insufferable”.

(4 Academy Awards Nominations, including best pictures. Won for Best Sound-Editing)

(Watch for the 1st time)

Letters from Iwo Jima

Letters from Iwo Jima

2. Der Untergang (The Downfall)

Don’t be sick with me, talking about German this German that, oh hell with what people says. Who don’t get curious with the mastermind of World War 2, the one who could conquer Europe? This movie picked the tip of German domination, concentrating in Hitler’s bunker and people trapped on it. I was mesmerized with Hitler’s character that changed from Almighty-Oh-You-Shall-Follow-Everything-I-Said, to this hopeless guy, whose hands are shaking in the day he decided to commit a suicide along with his wife. And oh God, I don’t even believe how people under Nazi-emblem worshipped Hitler to the point that their love of Hitler could make their own hands inject deathly-substance to their OWN children. I can’t even bare seeing 5-12 years old children live just puff like air within minutes in the hand of their mother. You can also see the power Hitler gave to Hitler Youth (series of youngster who had been brainwashed and obsessed with Hitler) can leave their parents behind just to protect Berlin, believing that they had chances to win, although dozens of Soviet tanks already bombarded Berlin to pieces. To leave your parents behind, only to serve a guy who don’t even know your name, or even know you have ever existed in this world? That’s madness.

What I love in this movie is how, despite all cruelty and craziness he made, you can feel a glimpse of sympathy. Sympathy, to a guy who murdered without causes 6 million people with no-humanity whatsoever.

And yes, to the final drop of his blood, Hitler never says he was given up. “Surrender is forbidden” is true to the end, although I think suicide is the lowest level of surrender. Surrender to proof that whatever you’re doing is right, or surrender to even try to make up the messes you’ve created.

(Nominated for Academy Award on Best Foreign Language Film)

(Watch for 2nd time)

Der Untergang (The Downfall)

Der Untergang (The Downfall)

3. Schindler’s List

This is hands down, the best movie I’ve ever lay my eyes on. From the polished script, black-and-white scenes, outstanding casts, brilliant directors, these all just summon up to the best movie human ever made in my opinion. This movie is both haunting yet inspiring for all human kind who believes in humanity. The story took place in Cracow, when German invasion is inevitable. We could see how Jews living their live in 6 years of German occupation throughout European land. I don’t want to share the details on how barbarous Nazi demolished not only their business, their families, their home, but the most important part, Nazi successfully crushed their pride as a human. Nazi could make them believe that they are just rats, who deserve the humiliation and the starvation they got. Nazi could shut their mouth to ask for help, yanked their freedom to choose who to believe, and limited their dreams to just stay breathing for one more day. Crazy.

But this movie is all about what human can do in time of war arose. “War could make human to be the worst or the best version of themselves”. I love that Schindler is not “angelic” hero, who every steps and decision he took are biblically right. I don’t know, maybe behind all of money he sacrificed to save one Jewish soul, he had this business plan organized neatly for himself. I love how Schindler is embarrassed with his own kindness, like he don’t even believe people think THAT is a miraculous behavior he just did. I was blown away with Goeth flawless acting, I think the best act Ralph ever did in his career, and how cruelty could spark from his eyes. Most memorable scene? When a little red-coat girl walked slowly through Jew massacre (the only thing Spielberg made on color, while everything else in black-and-white) and catches Schindler eyes far up from hills. She was trying to hide in that scene, picking a small spot below abandon bed to hide. I cried when Schindler saw that girl, along with her red coat, was pilled along with other corpses.

People need to watch this movie, at least once in his life. To realize that, whoever saves one life saves the world entire. That with great power comes great responsibility. That cruelty, whatever reasons you have behind it, is nonsense. No man could draw another life, only those whose hands are clean and innocent deserves to draw bullets to another.

Oh, watch also video extract when Spielberg received the best director Academy Awards trophy. Tears just rolled down my face.

(12 Nominations of Academy Awards, Winning 7 of it including best picture)

(Watch for, I don’t know, 7 times?)

Schindler's List

Schindler’s List

Okay, that’s quite a depressing weekend I had. At least I learn something, am I right?

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Love Is All You Need

I’ve been bored in my work desk, have nothing to do, end up searching through different kind of articles about genocide.
Yes. Genocide.

People nowadays might think ” oh dear, those people have no education. That’s the main reason why Genocide happened. We learned thousand different things these days, so that ancient word should not, and CAN’T be happened again”

Uh-oh. Didn’t think so.
You might be right, genocide happened in mostly developing to poor countries.
Congo, Cambodia, Armenia, Rwanda, to say the least.

Rwanda’s story for example.
These “pure blood” nonsense that drove Tutsi people (one of the original inhabitants of Rwanda) to their almost extinction is way dreadful that you might possibly imagine.
And the lasting and profound impact that still occurred in Rwanda because of these 100-ish days of genocide, is the spreading of HIV infection as the side effect of the “war-rape” they used, making thousands of woman (and those babies who were born to a newly-affected HIV mother) carried these diseases, and even died years after the genocide’s over.
Babies, guys. With no idea whatsoever on their mind on what happened in their country, already carried diseases so powerful as HIV.
In this case, maybe the lack of education is the core problem of this insanity.
But what happened with the rest of the cases?

I still have those memories in my head, when I visited the famous killing field in Cambodia.
Seeing thousands of skulls remained still in the museum, hearing those survivors telling stories about their relatives being captured by people they don’t even know, and their cold-dead bodies being thrown away to random ground, while the police enjoyed the “killing time” with local song being played on speakers so that neighbors couldn’t hear the scream of dying people on that massacre.
You might think that in this case, these people might have not earned education right.
But did you know, Pol Pot, the mastermind behind these genocide, is graduated from France with scholarship in electrical school. Big brainer, right?
3 millions people. Die with might be no track record of where their bodies remained.

Do you remember also Holocaust era?
Who were the main generator of the operation?
Is that THE country who lay under “most civilized, educated and cultured society in whole world” name?
But still, MILLIONS, 4 millions to say the least, died with no humanity or dignity in hands of people that they never even speak before.
These people, who dragged along from city to city, with thin layer of clothing in severely cold winter, are treated as lower cast, just because certain religion, certain culture are considered vile.
This should serve as a warning that no country is immune from becoming a killing field under the right circumstances and with the right (insane) leader.

This rose question in my head
Could hate and desperation made people treated others to the most inconceivable fashion, to the point that seeing other people screaming their lungs for piece of bread, or begging for sip of waters?
With news all over the world nowadays, I humbly think that genocide is nowhere to be extinct.
The possibility is always there, while people still permit hate in their heart.
The key is not higher education, smarter educator or a genius politician.
Simply put to your heart:

“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you;
Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you;
If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also;
Do to others as you would have them do to you”

I think if every leader in every path they took, plant this passage on their head, people might believe there is such thing as heaven out there 🙂

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I may not be French.
I may not be a liberal.
I may not be Western-born, or an immigrant.
I may not be a journalist, or writer, or people who composed their ideas to the world.

But I believe in freedom of speaking and courage to speak what’s on my mind.
This is an attack on independent journalism, on the freedom to inform and to comment, on the satisfaction of outrageous yet humorous ideas people had.
You may be disagree with words that people say, but the right to speak is ABSOLUTE.
If the right to speak is seized, what’s left on this civilization we could be proud of?

(On Charlie Hebdo Massacre in Paris, France, 07 January 2015)

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Means : Finding beauty in the imperfections, an acceptance of the cycle of life and death.
Japanese word and one of very few words that has no translation to English word.
Expression that turns into word, whether its in their original language or published on Webster, are able to made us further felt tangible and attached to them, and shaping the way we see things.
But what I felt right now is beyond the description of this Japanese word.
Because I don’t think words could handle the cruelty, the nonsense of what just happening in this world right now.

I might not earned major on social politics, religious beliefs, nor international relation.
Those thick law books, series of political debates, or even news on who are the next leader that reigned over a country I might certainly passed on.
But I think every single person in this entire world has sense of conscience in their heart and these past weeks news has just gone crazy.
Crazy in the level of, of God what did Human think? What. Just. Happened?

You probably have read news about Ferguson riots, or Madman held hostages then gone crazy in Sydney or recent news on Taliban shooting (again) in Pakistan primary school, with 140s underage children found dead.
In my opinion, this stories just have something in common.
That guns, those human creation, not only shuts humans steps in this world, but also shuts human hearts.
That humans, above the statements of being the most perfected creatures ever, are still incapable of something.
Accepting and Living with differences.
Whether differences in skin color, ideology, even religion.

Put aside those wrong religious beliefs, political articles, norms or tons of other craps that these people planted on their followers, I was wondering whether these gunman(s) have ever felt a slight, just a slight of hesitation when they shot to death people with no clue of their background, no whatsoever news regarding their whole life.
What great power do their leader have so that they could flip human pure conscience to these cruel beasts, animals I could harshly said?
What did they chase?

I don’t disregard variation of beliefs, as I know every beliefs has kindness on them in their own way.
But do people really think straightly when they thought that with the ending of anonymous people’s life, God will regards them with one nice place on Heaven?
Really, people?
If that’s true, then no. I don’t want a place on YOUR heaven.
Because how could people smile, laugh or even breathe after crushing somebody and their family’s life to pieces, made them breathing in living hell every single day of their remainder life?
How could people even have GUTS to imagine living in those beautiful place called heaven after leaving hundreds of people traumatized or gone insane every time they saw pack of people walking, left alone gunshot?
What kind of Heaven did these people have in mind?
Is those place covered in blood? Covered in innocent people blood?

I don’t disregards people crave to power, as I do believe that all people urge to have power within their grasps, to control number of people to do as their told, to order people to do what we wanted.
But how could you control people, when their eyes staring at you with hatred?
How could you asked people to do series of tasks when every single night they go to sleep with mourned filled their head?
What did these people want to achieve?
Status quo of their country?
Even when your own citizens are scared to death, even to walk across the street?

I was wondering, whether the core problem of these are education.
Is it, though?
But with USA having known as the center of high-level education, with Sydney as one of the main destination of students hungry for knowledge around the world, still struggling the same problem as Pakistan-Afghanistan in accepting differences, I lost track.
For once In my life, I want a chance to talk to these people, I wanna know what’s inside their brain.
I wanna know, did their heart bumped every time a bullet crossed a children’s head?
Do they have children on their own?

“My son was my dream. My dream has been killed”
-One grieving father, after a lost of his only son on Taliban massacre.

My prayer goes to every single family that just lost their living stars.
I can’t imagine, and I don’t even have guts to imagine, living in the sorrow you’re living in.
May God gave His shining stars to lighten up their darkest night.
May God gave them new courage, to feel love again.
To turn their revenge on prayers and good deeds, and to turn their fear to inability on hurting another people.

People, just please, stop this insanity.