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One Thing You Won’t Ever Regret Getting

Name one thing you won’t ever regret getting, on the range of you were born to this very minute:

My father’s decision to put me on English course from I was just 7/8 years old.

I remember soooo well, my Dad (with his super limited English capability, or as we may say close to 0 due to his nonexistence English lesson back when he’s in elementary school) put me on this english course class named LIA since i was just in my first grade of elementary school, about 7 years old I think. Elementary school in my era is mostly consisted of these activities: go to school, eat garbage, and watch cartoons.  To add more, those day cartoon are placed in every time slt and every channel in television. My ass are hardly moved from sofa, eyes staring to TV screen probably 5-7 hours a day.

But among all dads in my elementary school, my Dad insisted that I HAVE TO go to this course, 2 times a week, without slacking. Note to NO SLACKING. And yes, my father is an uptight person, so when he sid no slacking, it means as it is. So when my friends every morning told me stories about the cartoon plot they watched yesterday night, I’m miserable as hell to be pushed to go to this course, which really exhausting because it took my night away and the place is really far from my house. My father always send messages to my mom, to remind her for picking me up every day to go to this course, and going mad if my mother can’t. I can feel my mother is tired too, having her own work AND this responsibility to take me to this course. If my mother too tired to pick me up, my father will rush himself from work, through this sick Jakarta traffic jam, and pick me up.

I remember, those miserable years, I was mad at my father for pushing me through this sick schedule, loosing my chance to brag to my friends about watching popular cartoons on TV, and for making me unable to play with my neighbors everyday (which I think the only thing I consider important those days). But my father keep insisting, and as he rarely get mad at me, he will in terms of me not going to this course.

This schedule continue on until I was in my senior year in high school, with national exam heading above me, he still think that it is proper for me to get English Course, still 2 times a week.

After I graduated from high school and move to other city, living by my own, I just realized that this decision my Dad made, the ultimate decision that made him the “uptight” person in my family, the decision that sometimes made him and my mother getting into a fight, is the best decision he made in terms of educating his children.

I would never earn those 100 notes on every English national exam I took if I kept insisting on dissing this course

I would never earn those A on my high school report if my father gave up pushing me around for this course

I would never earn those TOEFL marks that made me experienced the most unforgettable experience of my life on living abroad

I would never earn this place on my office if I got my English test really badly, having no clue whatsoever on what pages with foreign language is all about

I would never able to write and present my thesis on English, and maybe never realized the impact and the satisfaction of finally finishing those.

I would never even simply read these novels I kept stacking, with every words typed on English language

I would be miserable.

My Dad is always, always been the person I looked up to in terms of education.

He is the most high determinant person I’ve ever encounter, maybe people can’t see it with his not-over-the-top achievements, but I ALWAYS see it in every decision he made on my education, whether to push me on accelerated class, to go to this expensive school which we barely afford and I was so ashamed for not reaching my dad’s dream, or to simply pushing me around for going to English course.

To make him proud, is my everyday job from today to the rest of my life, and I am well-beyond proud to say and bear this honorable task.

His decision, even though most of the times made him fight my mother, is the one thing that made me who I am right now.

Danke schon, mein lieb Vater ❤