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we are once a wanderer of our own, chasing what’s on our mind within our own thoughts, solves our worriedness in loneliness, seeking the power of melancholic writing or searching for romanticized-lyric, just to give some relieve in our heavy-unshared thinking.

then we bumped into someone, when suddenly this customs are, well it’s not really an obligation, but you know you need some adaptation.

adjusting, to share what’s on your mind, to let them wanders around your thought with you, to welcome them on your world.

and somehow, it wasn’t as hard as you predict it would be. there’s still some things you keep to yourself, which is fairly humane I think. but after all, those fences you thought no one else could break, is piece by piece flew by without you even noticing.



that’s one person you talking about.

what about others, that came along with it?

is your fence wide enough to welcome those? or do YOU have the willingness to open your fence for them? are you comfortable enough, to adjust your highly-privatized life and turn it into a complete opposite of it?


human relationship possessed a completely strange vibe. you could switch over to a different personality you have never know ever existed. you suddenly have power to give in your human nature, and give way for others characteristic to penetrate you. you NEVER wanted to change things in that particular person, that never bother you in the first place, they are still as perfect as you found them way back them. you LOVE how they found comfort on others, as much as you found it on your own. then you started to consider, are you  too “exclusive”, too picky, or just vibrate in a completely odd frequency compare to others? you tried to change yourself, thinking maybe the exact problem lies within you and your stupid fences.


but then the question next is, are you absolutely pleasant with it?









“you could still be

what you want to be,

what you said you were,

when you met me” 




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Learning Curve

The thing about human is we never, ever stop learning.

Whether from school, books, family, friends, or even stranger you bumped on random streets.
But our eyes is weak, they adjusted themselves to their surroundings, and forgot what they have seen before.
When you’re constantly seeing something so big, you forgot the little things you’ve used to see before.
It is still there, your eyes still caught a glimpse of it, but the desire to stick it to your brain, is disappeared.
We continuously longing for something humongous, then we forgot to appreciate the little things that mattered.

Like, when you spell what you did out on daily basis, you learned you still have that wonderful early morning chat with your cleaning assistant, when nobody’s even present yet. Learning that someone so young could bear so many responsibilities in his shoulder, and still within his power helping me on both necessary to unnecessary matters, you understood that you can learn and grow in any circumstances.
He truly is, the best computer geek I’ve ever met! 🙂

Or, when we learn that nothing’s impossible.
Even the extraordinaire planet Earth, now finally has the real reddish-planet competition, which 10 years ago might only be a mocking joke, a myth.
But hey, 10 years later we might sip our coffee in a brand new environment, might be similar to what those sci-fi movie we once watched.
The power of human creativity, fueled with determination to make it happen.

When you notice that even someone as highly and conventional as Pope, do also learn.
Learn not to be judgmental to any kind of people, even though they crossed what He taught on.
Learn not to be a pusher, but a giver.
Learn that everything he said resembled his faith; that he needs to prioritize what essential for Him, and leave what’s been only an institutional idea.
Pope Francis rocks! (and he, indeed, will release a rock album somewhat in the future!)

And you learn from one of your favorite movie of all time, that in order to change something, all you need is simply to do one single act of random kindness at a time.
That you must ask, and you shall receive.
That the greatest gift He would ever, and always give to you, is opportunity.
Opportunity to be patient, when you asked for patience. Opportunity to be courageous, when you asked for courage.
Thanks, Evan Almighty, for your life-time lesson.

Or, simply when book you re-read suddenly gave you chill.
You learn that no, you can’t plan on what’s going to REALLY happen to you.
How a person went from someone you have never met to the only one who mattered.
How sometimes, adjusting might turn into something more beautiful than completing.
Because there is no single expectation that impossible to outgrown.

Suddenly, Sondre Lerche song came out of nowhere. He did sing it best:
Prepare, to be surprised

I have so many words coming out of my head; I need to write it down -____-

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Baby Lion

Welcome, to a high-pressured-high-caffeine-extremely-sleepy kind of afternoon.

So, this last couple of days, while I’m spinning for inspiration, i impulsively got so amazed with this tiny country called Japan.
Why so random?
I don’t know, maybe the search for reasons of this crazy economic hazardous crisis lead to a new discovery of this wonder country.

Have you ever wondered, how despite severe recessions and crises along with periodically natural disaster, Japan stands still as strong opponent in world industrialized competition with relatively stable and free political situation compared to other leading nations and yet still culturally rich?

Not to mention, how they could combine so perfectly: the core oriental value they learned from China, slowly Americanized without being American in time of USA colonialization, yet also not extremely late to the latest Europeanization bandwagon that happened, I believed, almost around the world.
They seemed to be able to imitate, adapt and most importantly, improved the idea they soak from these giant countries.

Let’s elaborate this judgement one by one:
If we looking on the oh-so-famous rice-sowing techniques Japan famous of, or the Confucianism and religious value they now carry, have we ever question which country came with that idea first?
I believe the technique originally came from China
Or the facts that Japan also learn about governmental, political and legal system; not to mention the army and navy, system of education and even manners. How Japan now also has already implemented German method of applying medicine is the actual prove of Europeanization.
How modern method of living an urban style that America has introduced, like listening to heavy music and making everything portable, to Western-style rooms and furniture or clothing style, that has alternate their traditional Kimono for daily appearances, now common to be found in streets of Japan.

Okay, people might think that this is an extremely common thing that happened in the modernization of a country.

But the unique thing I found about Japan is this:
Japan has now successfully improved foreign-ideas into their original idea, and then re-exports it to the world.

Have you ever wonder, even though Japanese is not the one who originally invented radio, clock or flashlight, Japanese IS the first one who combined it all into one commodity?
Or how their railway department is the fastest AND most punctual train around the world, although the first railway system were invented in Europe?

Foreigner thought speaking, I think this is all due to Japanese tend to develop something based on future expectation that they drew, which might happened to them.
Seeing they suffered with demographic crisis as a country full of island, they build a modernized railway system. Seeing the possible needs of automatic workforce in the future, they build human-like robots. Seeing the possibility of major natural disaster, they developed evacuation guide system based on GPS technology and wireless network communications that they adapted from western country. The natures of Japanese societies, which planted for centuries and has been their core value of life, become the master piece of their country development.

But Japan was not resistant to extreme changes.
With recent Shinzo Abe decision to shift their pacifism military constitution, to finally free on supporting allied forces in conflicts after being absent from battle for 70 years since World War II, I do think that even this country who has been famous for keeping their identity and values right in their chest, is also scared of the bigger power.

Anyway, I bet it will be fascinating to watch why and how Japan face this changes, with history of how they could retain their independency while incorporating elements from competing countries, and even alternate those to be advantageous to them.

As one European once said,
“Japan has adopted all of our new inventions and discoveries, has tested all systems found in Europe and has applied them in a different form, altering them as much as it was necessary to make their country more powerful.

Japan used Europe as the ladder to climb onto the top of the Far East”

This small country really is, the baby lion of this world we’re living in.

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Everything’s Magic

This world always rolls on two sides of coins, head or tail.

Sometimes you’ve been placed higher than clouds, some other time reality just push you right to the ground.

I’ll remind you first, that this post, will be a comparably long and have no point, like the entire posts I’ve made, actually. I’ve gotta got a break, you know, and writing is my home-based point.

I remember, back when I was in University, one of the most talk-about gossip/news/disastrous headline was this: Greek Bankruptcy. I was intrigued with the news, with everybody in the class, or even the whole country if I’m not exaggerated too much, already speaking about that topic, knew everything from the beginning to the crumbling point, commenting everyday what should or should have Greece done to their country, and so on.

Basically, I’m the outsider AND a foreigner, have no attachment to the rather complicated country, yet completely intrigued to know further as my social circle have totally going nuts around this Greece related everything.

So I started my research, through books, magazine, classes, news and even online European gossips.

And I’m sucked into the story. Real. Hard.

Like, the research is intoxicating; sometimes the soil purpose of it is forgotten. Founding your personal pleasure in the weirdest discovery is, well…joyful.

And now the attachment to Greece story is inevitable.

When I read the recent story, while the Grexit idea still came out everywhere I clicked, when Merkel swinging her fists to the air for fighting the existence of Greece in EU still aired on the news, when riots and demonstration of Greek still the major headline on BBC or Bloomberg, 3 years after leaving Europe feels like a second.

I think the main reason behind this Greece fiasco is this: (I’ll try to describe it in a riddle, might be possibly incredibly wrong, or it might luckily the reality)

“When the Giant looked for the Dwarf, whether to show people that they could get along together despite their differences, or for each sides to take some advantage from each other, sometimes the Giant forgot how tall they were and the dwarfs forgot how tiny they were.

And they kept pretending.
Pretending to be someone they are not.

Pretending that they don’t have so much, they act like in shortage.

Pretending that they have so much, they act excessively, beyond what’s they’re capable and allowed to

The ground idea of European Union, which is to unite big, powerful country, with smaller, periphery countries, to build an Economic Giant that could compete with the superpower USA, are wrecked, when ‘share and restrain’ habits are not flourished enough within EU countries. Big country shall and must share, while small countries shall and must pull themselves out from excessive shopping.

This, is when Politics, are coming to deliver a total havoc in the already complicated arrangement. The currency may be Euro, but wallets are national and parliaments will not easily share their purse, people said. When rather small countries create troubles and somehow, brought a big troublesome wave to bigger countries, powerful power will tend to push them, to behave as they wanted to be, when adapting to a structured way-of thinking like modernized countries is not as instant as printing a guideline. Educating, not punishing, is the key of a reform, and giving a lifetime lesson, needs a generation.

Solution I’ve been thinking about in this structural reform through eyes of a foreigner, not an-economic expert, and especially a youngster?

  1. Urgently reforming the pension system to ensure its long-term financial viability. As pension problem is one of the most critical point in Greece budget decision, which people have been mocked around each day as long as I remember, Greece needed to increase their effective retirement age to balance out other EU countries retirement age. Extend the period over which pension benefits are calculated to the entire working life and extend the number of years required to qualify for a full pension are needed. Productivity are valued, when retirement are honored within moderation.
  2. Simplifying and modernizing tax system within Greece. As the major problems found in Greece are the social avoidance towards tax and lack of force from government to this violations, unifying the administration of taxes and social security contributions, with the support of neighboring countries is needed to drive Greece fiscal conditions away from falling to uncontrollable level, as fiscal policy is the most important economic tools EU countries had individually now when currency is untouchable and pegged.
  3. Improving the process of budget preparation. Problems arise within Greece is the problem of budget allocation. Most of previous public budget in Greece are spend in sectors that might not need the actual amount of funds, like military spending that should be downsized, so moving swiftly toward a program–based budget and a multi–year budgetary framework, will probably imposed an expenditure control. Not to mention, the need of trusted parliament budget committee as responsible party in the field of maintaining certain budget guideline (I search that In certain countries, this might work to tighten budget spending)
  4. Tightening a control over public spending. Proceed rapidly with reforms of rationalizing and limiting the wage line along with further increase in transparency of recruitment and limit regularization. Greece needs to enhance a strong budgetary control over public entities and restructure unprofitable state enterprises. Not to mention to clear out completely politization in State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in order to make them more professional and accountable. Greece had made too much unreasonable SOE that contributed to a big amount of public spending, so with carefully limiting SOE, and focusing public spending in only public entities sectors, while increased effectiveness in the rest of Greece SOE, will make a reasonable economic reforms in Greece economic structure.
  5. Raising labor market flexibility and tackle poverty by targeting existing employment subsidies on the most disadvantaged youth and reduce employment protection legislation. Ensuring that minimum wage does not act as a disincentive for hiring young people because this source of employment is the key of Greece growth in the future. Greece has a LOT of competition from neighboring countries with similar economic condition, so there’s no point on rising wage line while other countries could produce the same manufactures with lower price. The goals of a union is to accelerate labor’s movement through a simplified administration boundaries, so when back in the days you only compete with people with the same colors as you, now everybody in your continent will be fighting the same chair. Price, inevitably, will be the main barriers. Be different and valuable, or set yourself lower, as I may harshly say.
  6. Enhance the effectiveness of competition policy by reducing the administrative burden to start-ups and the barriers to entrepreneurship. Liberalize professional services; proceed with privatization and foster competition in network industries. Introduce a centrally led review of stock of laws and regulations for competitive effects with revisions to laws and regulations that unnecessarily restrain competition.
  7. Strengthen efficiency of the education system as representatives of future Greece growth. Develop and modernizing the childcare sector through betters regulation and increased supply of services to schools. Improve the curriculum in secondary and vocational education, enhance competition in the higher education sector and introduce reforms to improve the way education institutions are financed, by looking at different options that emphasize the focus on diversification of resources. Tackling possible future problems from the roots of education is a major concern for stopping the cycle of crisis happened again.
  8. Political Economy of Reform with strong mandate to fight corruption. As corruption and avoidance towards clean accounting reports within Greek government has been the major issues of this crisis, efforts to increase confidence in the management and also confidence in the body of EU can be approached by enhancing transparency and accountability. Gaining public trust in reforms programs that Greek government are trying to proposed could be initiate Greek’s trust over government and further reform programs will be easier to conduct in Greece.

I think people need to consider that it’s not all Greece mistakes from the beginning. My mind still could not bare the idea of how Greek governments has pretended that their public finances are in the right order and reforms were under way for several years, while European Union along with its member pretended to believe them. Could they not sense the trouble, the made-up financial statement, while big economy countries had series of economic expert as chairman?

At the end, I believe that there is always hope for Greece and EU in this crisis, because aside from the entire crisis, Greece still one country that introduce us to whole new democratic thinking. Strengthening Greece growth in the most reasonable and economic sectors are still critical in this point of view and it extremely needed EU members and also the rest of the world help, but the most mandatory thing is Greece efforts to put a strict discipline and honest government because after all, this is their future and their involvement is supreme.

This foreigner is completely and utterly bored, so bare in mind and forgive my messed-up thought and words!

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I’ve just recently read one book that, according to a LOT of sites, is one of the essential book you need to read as Indonesian, especially youngster, who wanted to know further about Indonesian in early ages of its democratic era.

Note that I’ve never have a chance to watch the popular movie “Gie” that people had been raving about. So this is my very first encounter of the infamous Soe Hok Gie, the Chinese-heritage Indonesian who lead the student rebellion in 1960’s, a couple of years after Indonesia celebrated their independence from long period of colonialism.



First thing first, let me say that I do NOT adore Gie like everybody else do, nor do I think He’s a good leader.

But I think He’s quite a fascinating character since the beginning. I do adore how he reads TONS of books, watch different kind of movies, which I think built his character a LOT.

His biggest weakness, in my opinion, is how perfectionist he look upon things. How he look on people, how smallest mistake people did really bother him so much, he started hating lots of people.

I do understand how society thought about him as a communist, when Gie has bragged on and on about his resentment to dictatorship, or people who rule and stand out, while whole people in his nation are undernourished and impoverished.

He wanted the “perfect” world, which are: a) all distributed equally and ethnicity solidarity is prioritized, b) no one rules, or if there’s one, he should be flawless (close to God-perfection, I think), and c) people’s voice are heard continuously.

Some of his visions are socialists to the core and I don’t think that’s completely irrational or wrong, either.

I just think that’s too much to ask, specially for country whose foundation is still unstable, affected by too many thoughts but wanted to establish their own ideology.

His critics over people who rule or even have power over him, sometimes frustrated me enough to read.



But Gie, as other human did, also have sweet spots in his tough heart.

I remember in his book, one of last days of his life, he started to feel tingle in his heart while seeing a lot of people along Jakarta’s slum suffer from scarcity, whether from money, place to live, food, or even friends to tag along with. He felt suddenly “heroic”, like he wanted to jump and help this people out, while in his brain he’s calculating whether it was wise and possible enough to bring changes to this world.

That’s a rare condition from person like Gie, who rarely brought his conscience while looking through society. How melancholic Gie that day, made him a “person”, not just walking Casanova with his structured words and broad thoughtful assessment.

Other thing I like about Gie, is how rational He was toward people judgement about him.

I remember, one of the best paragraph he ever written in my opinion, is this (in Bahasa)



“Cinta seorang ibu adalah cinta yang unik. Di satu pihak ia mendidik dan mempersiapkan anaknya menjadi manusia, tapi di pihak lain ia harus merelakan agar anaknya pada suatu hari meninggalkan dia dan pergi dengan orang lain. Ia harus mencintai dengan tanpa pamrih. Tetapi orang-orang tua kadang-kadang tidak mencintai anak-anaknya, tapi dia mencintai dirinya sendiri. Dia memproyeksikan dirinya pada anak-anaknya dan menentukan keinginannya pada proyeksinya ini”

This passage he wrote after 3 rejections from his “lover” with the same single reason.

No family wanted a rebel intruder in their family.

Boys, especially in his unstable age, would be angry all over the place after hearing rejection from family, who don’t even know, or even wanted to know him personally.

But Gie is rational enough, to consider a mother’s heart, instead of only young love that plays mind tricks in both him and his girls.

Although Gie doesn’t believe in things called Love, he did indeed, believe that mother’s love is existed, and beyond everything else, he respected that.



One thing that I do pity him, though, aside from his bad luck of dying so young, is how lonely I felt his whole existence.

Is that because he doesn’t believe there’s higher power above Human power, who always always look after us from Above?

Is that because he always relies on his own, because he couldn’t even afford being dependable to others?

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Ticking Time

Which one will you choose, if you have to choose with no turning around, between these two choices:

The right one in the wrong time, Or the wrong one in the right time?

Time’s a bitch, people said. Some things that should be wonderful in the past, when it occurred again in the future, might seem to be a blah, or awful somehow.

Some people that you begged for in time’s needed, now might seem to interfere your life too much, or might be accompany by others which, as miserable as it might sound, is not you and it sucks.

Time is NOT the main villain here, in my opinion.

Human did. We change as time goes by, time’s just relatively moving along side our lifetime pan.

Maybe in the past, those wonderful things that you WISH to happen to you, only satisfy you temporarily when those things are the only things matter in that period of time. Appearance, style, score test, those things might be your whole world in your teen age to earn respectable social status, but as you grew, is it still as important?

Or you grew to notice that, the actual social environment you need, does not even care about your perfected appearance, your quirky style, your ups-and-down score test. They need reality.

Same as people. Back in the days, maybe those certain people are a no-go for you.

They lack of this, they don’t go along with you, they are beyond you, and so many other reasons that set you apart with certain someone. But as the world rolling, are you really needing those capabilities you’ve been criticizing them all along?

Or you actually need them, just to balance out your life, as you now recognize that nothing’s perfect, nothing’s immaculate, nothing will ever going as you plan.

And this moment, this very moment, when you realize that those things are what you need, or you don’t care less, the ticking time will be your worst enemy, or as we may say, a bitch.

What if, when you realize that you need something, or someone, or some spare time, those things already belong to someone else, or even don’t want to be related any further with you?

What if those things are already broken to pieces, without you have any clue whatsoever how to turn it right what it started?

What if, everything else’s perfect, except timing?

Would you consider to let your ego take over, fight for what you believe fits you right, without considering others who get hurt, or left behind?

Or you stick to what YOUR heart told you, that nothing’s good ever come up to those who hurt others?

That good things always wait, always patient, until time finally turn around and finally recognize you, and choose you over everything else.

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Ring of Life

It’s hard to be kind-hearted human being, when every living thing you saw are destructive and behaves as their own, never consider their surrounding as they are trying to survive themselves.

Whether to survive on living, on keeping their pride high, or just simply to be a well-being human.



But it’s even harder to be kind-hearted AND honest human being.

To be able to speak as you see fit, to share everything you believe in, and to shorty tell the truth, without hurting or declining others. Without making your pair have to fake their happiness in crowded places, while those miserable feeling you affected to them sticks to their head the whole day. Without loosened someone else confidence while yourself wholeheartedly told what’s on your mind, without spicing it up, without any intention to do so.


Our society pushed us every single day, to be kind. But they also urge us to be honest. Kind and honest are the pearls that human expected to dig and search more, further to adjust their lives wearing these two day to day.

But do you believe that kind AND honest; could walk side by side, to create this word a pleasant world to live in?



My own self-conscious thought that you don’t have to be honest, to be respectively kind

Yet you also don’t immediately be a kind person, when you speak as you heard, or think, or feel.

Because this world revolves around human with complicated mind, unpredictable expectation yet their own sorrows that haunted them in each steps they took. You can’t generate or even categorize human to this one specific criteria, because human are extremely complex. One thing might work with you, but not with others. The rising and glory of one person might be the downfall of others.

To be kind, you need to spice your words with, not necessarily true circumstances, but words which brought happiness. Or simply to seal yourself into blabbering something that don’t give any impact to others, only hate/hurt/disappointment.

On the other hand, telling the truth is at some point, hurtful. The reality you brought to people might waken them up from their own reality, their own made-up fact that they tend to believe in to. But people are different from any other creatures; they can withstand pain, and reversely they could saw others suffer. The importance of telling the truth, in my opinion, lies on human judgment and the ability to navigate their self-control, to satisfy not just themselves but also others.

Is your truth screamed louder than others happiness? Are those facts needed to be heard, or you just stating something that meant nothing to you, but literally the world for someone else?

Is it necessary to lean toward honesty, rather than being kind?

Or lighten people up with truth that has been sheltered, will lead them with, might be not an immediate happiness, but reality?