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Angel of Death

I was about to write this a couple weeks ago, when a small gathering brought up old news to the table: the chaotic situation of healthcare industry.

The fake vaccines, the ill-fated doctors, messed up hospital administration, supported by the bubble of new registries in medicine school (which has no credible accreditation, just a promise of graduation paper and title of eligible medicine graduate) have just blown my mind.

I’m petrified to learn that people, even in the most ‘angelic’ industry, played fate on others life like it’s just a piece of meat.



Fake vaccines, same as lots of other unregistered medicine circulated in this country, has proved how this industry has an incredibly weak foundation while holding whole nation’s fate at his hands. As one of the people under this foundation, truthfully I was concerned and sadly, trusted nothing.

If vaccines, which got injected to most of the children in Indonesia, got hijacked, I wonder how easily my daily dose of vitamin c, or paracetamol to my headache, got smudged or even poisoned with unknown substance. I was living in the big city, yet got ‘deceived’, so how was the fate of other children in the most remote area, who only got their medicine from specific pharmacy, listened to one unregistered local doctor?

They know nothing, paid everything, yet received nothing.


Where is government, or ministry, or whatever they called to supervise this mess around pharmacology? Was medicine supposedly needed a strict regulation, from the production, distribution, until it reached its final users? Medicine, as I quoted from local newspaper, was chemical substances with pharmacological reaction, which can cause either improvement or damages on human races.

Were doctors and nurses even understood what kind of substances they used?



Ill-fated doctor was another case.

I understand quite frankly, that healthcare industry is a complex matter; everyday new symptoms from the evolution of human genetics come to the surface, but hey, enough with the excuse! People (I mean, millions of people) paid this industry whole lot of money. Have we heard enough improvisation, or enough scientists (not just doctors, I meant those expert who DID research) do enough research? This line of ‘smartest’ people in this nation has been paid a LOT of money, they HAVE TO do their extended job AND research more than ordinary people with ordinary job. I have one grandmother who deceased lately, with one of the main reason was doctor getting their national holiday and could not provide their services.

Have they learned that people’s life has no holiday? These hearts would not stop their beat, even when we pray or sleep.

This just one case in thousands of thousands cases in this industry. Every person has their own personal dreadful experiences.


Sometimes I was thinking how scary it is to know that from the beginning, we have no idea what are those substance that coming through our throat. Healthcare industry was one of the most complicated industries, so commoners like us could not easily understood from the start: the diagnosed, script of medicine we got, how much money we spent, and how those ‘expert’ judgment worth our money, yet we gave our life on this handful of people.

To add the horror, one book I read lately, The Good Nurse, basically told story about nurse who had mental problems, yet still working in healthcare industry for years, messing with patients medications in sober condition, caused death of hundreds of people under his supervisions, all because patients DON’T understand what was injected to their veins. Hospitals and doctors, not even care.

Really, the craziest people were coming right from the doors of this industry.



I’m trying to find how this tangle could end, and I came to these comparisons.

Compared to European countries, I’ve sensing what was “messing” with this industry.

In Indonesia, Doctors were God.

In Europe, Doctors were Human.

In Germany, for example, doctors has no shame to open a book, take a moment to do their research in their personal library, or even do their research on the inter web, asking other professional experiences on the same cases.

They knew human mind DO mistakes, and they were indeed humans too.

They knew a symptoms could mean thousands different kind of sickness. By researching, or even without shame asking advice from others (in front of their patients), they knew they could minimize these common mistakes. Most of the time, they could only handle 8-10 patients a day, because 1 patients with ‘headache, stomachache, cough’ could take them an hour of deep analysis.

What I appreciated most on how these western doctors did elaborate their diagnoses, is how they showed us commoners how their decision were taken right from the resources (books, expertise). This shows us how they treated us as equal, not some commoners who knew nothing, understood nothing, yet trusted everything. They even explain how the expenses they asked us to pay were coming from: how much their diagnoses valued (this differed on how complicated our sickness were), why they choose certain medicine and how much they costs.

They valued us as King.

Different in Indonesia when Doctors were valued as King and worst, God.

God KNEW everything, and didn’t have to do the ‘read and study’ like commoners did. Headache means headache, stomachache means diarrhea, and cough means inflammations. This wheal goes on and on, spinning around without explanation. Yet, Doctors got one of the highest paying jobs in the country.



Well, I could not blame this entire chaos to Doctors or those who worked on this industry. We did not have health ministry just to sit around and do nothing. And for the record, our pharmacology has a respected position in the world for having a complex regulation. But did this regulation get implemented once and for all? Give people a throughout explanation on the difference between medicines whether they were expensive or cheap, show them that medicines that coming through your supervisions were trustable, so when they earned your trusts, those illegal or ‘herbal’ medicine were banished naturally.

Show consistency on how you fought illegality and supervise the circulations of medicine.

Show people that you deserved their trusts.




To all people who worked in this industry:

May you find your inner willingness to treat first, not to ask; to find a solution with careful examination, not to rush things; to always bring comfort to people with right judgment and explanations. And most importantly: to NEVER EVER stop learning, because the faith of this nation is right within your hand.

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Motion Picture Bites

What’s your kind of perfect weekend?

Mine: sleeping all day long, watching TONS of movies (from useless to heart-stopping) and sipping on a cup or two of tongue-burning green tea. Don’t judge, I’m that kind of hippo.

This weekend’s kind of different. As cliché as it may sound, movies I’ve watched this last 2 days made me wander a little bit.

I’ve decided to watch Oscar-nominated or winner movies this weekend, with mission to find messages or reasons why those small amount of handpicked-judges could announced these movies to be written behind Oscar-listed movies. Although public has mocked them for their super-subjective opinion towards the winner them, or even praise their sometimes-out-of-prediction judgment, at the end these judges opinions surely drove a significant increase on these shortlisted-movies ratings. Sometimes, a hardly-even-heard movie finally found their audience after placing the so-called Oscar-Nominee Movies above their title. What a power!

So, what messages I found in movies I watched this past 2 days?

1. Letter from Iwo Jima

Before I explained further, you have to know that I have this crazy obsession toward WW2. From the stories, the flight, the romances, photographs, and nonstop drama from every party involved in this deadly war, I just love love LOVE. So when my hands randomly picked this movie, subjectively I would pay more attention. The story revolves around the ups-and-downs of how Japanese armies protected Mount Suribachi, which is the last resort before US Army would finally touch their homeland. This movie is the counterpart of Flags of Our Father, which I haven’t watched, since, oh God, don’t we have enough heroic movies about USA?

Anyhow, I LOVE how this movie is not about a big-powerful hero, but how desperation towards defeat made strong-willed army lose their confidence and option like suicide is not even taboo. I admire how Eastwood could make a General, who look strong and powerful, lose hope. I’m obsessed with the fact that character like Saigo, only a worthless pion who from the beginning in this movie always wanted to surrender, at the end be the one who witnessed all of his captains given up and eventually killed themselves.

I got overly-obsessed with Japan after this movie and blown away with their never-surrender attitude. Or as I may say, I even believe that Japan won’t give up even when USA had finally touched Tokyo, if Hiroshima-Nagasaki didn’t happen. As you know, nuclear is the most disastrous war-weapon to date, so whoever uses this weapon surely would win any war. And USA to use it to a small country, not to mention an Asian, is a brave act to state that Japan is a compatible opponent. Surely within days, Japan surrendered, in defense to avoid the so-called “total extinction of human civilization”. I quoted how they called this movement as “enduring the unendurable and suffering what is insufferable”.

(4 Academy Awards Nominations, including best pictures. Won for Best Sound-Editing)

(Watch for the 1st time)

Letters from Iwo Jima

Letters from Iwo Jima

2. Der Untergang (The Downfall)

Don’t be sick with me, talking about German this German that, oh hell with what people says. Who don’t get curious with the mastermind of World War 2, the one who could conquer Europe? This movie picked the tip of German domination, concentrating in Hitler’s bunker and people trapped on it. I was mesmerized with Hitler’s character that changed from Almighty-Oh-You-Shall-Follow-Everything-I-Said, to this hopeless guy, whose hands are shaking in the day he decided to commit a suicide along with his wife. And oh God, I don’t even believe how people under Nazi-emblem worshipped Hitler to the point that their love of Hitler could make their own hands inject deathly-substance to their OWN children. I can’t even bare seeing 5-12 years old children live just puff like air within minutes in the hand of their mother. You can also see the power Hitler gave to Hitler Youth (series of youngster who had been brainwashed and obsessed with Hitler) can leave their parents behind just to protect Berlin, believing that they had chances to win, although dozens of Soviet tanks already bombarded Berlin to pieces. To leave your parents behind, only to serve a guy who don’t even know your name, or even know you have ever existed in this world? That’s madness.

What I love in this movie is how, despite all cruelty and craziness he made, you can feel a glimpse of sympathy. Sympathy, to a guy who murdered without causes 6 million people with no-humanity whatsoever.

And yes, to the final drop of his blood, Hitler never says he was given up. “Surrender is forbidden” is true to the end, although I think suicide is the lowest level of surrender. Surrender to proof that whatever you’re doing is right, or surrender to even try to make up the messes you’ve created.

(Nominated for Academy Award on Best Foreign Language Film)

(Watch for 2nd time)

Der Untergang (The Downfall)

Der Untergang (The Downfall)

3. Schindler’s List

This is hands down, the best movie I’ve ever lay my eyes on. From the polished script, black-and-white scenes, outstanding casts, brilliant directors, these all just summon up to the best movie human ever made in my opinion. This movie is both haunting yet inspiring for all human kind who believes in humanity. The story took place in Cracow, when German invasion is inevitable. We could see how Jews living their live in 6 years of German occupation throughout European land. I don’t want to share the details on how barbarous Nazi demolished not only their business, their families, their home, but the most important part, Nazi successfully crushed their pride as a human. Nazi could make them believe that they are just rats, who deserve the humiliation and the starvation they got. Nazi could shut their mouth to ask for help, yanked their freedom to choose who to believe, and limited their dreams to just stay breathing for one more day. Crazy.

But this movie is all about what human can do in time of war arose. “War could make human to be the worst or the best version of themselves”. I love that Schindler is not “angelic” hero, who every steps and decision he took are biblically right. I don’t know, maybe behind all of money he sacrificed to save one Jewish soul, he had this business plan organized neatly for himself. I love how Schindler is embarrassed with his own kindness, like he don’t even believe people think THAT is a miraculous behavior he just did. I was blown away with Goeth flawless acting, I think the best act Ralph ever did in his career, and how cruelty could spark from his eyes. Most memorable scene? When a little red-coat girl walked slowly through Jew massacre (the only thing Spielberg made on color, while everything else in black-and-white) and catches Schindler eyes far up from hills. She was trying to hide in that scene, picking a small spot below abandon bed to hide. I cried when Schindler saw that girl, along with her red coat, was pilled along with other corpses.

People need to watch this movie, at least once in his life. To realize that, whoever saves one life saves the world entire. That with great power comes great responsibility. That cruelty, whatever reasons you have behind it, is nonsense. No man could draw another life, only those whose hands are clean and innocent deserves to draw bullets to another.

Oh, watch also video extract when Spielberg received the best director Academy Awards trophy. Tears just rolled down my face.

(12 Nominations of Academy Awards, Winning 7 of it including best picture)

(Watch for, I don’t know, 7 times?)

Schindler's List

Schindler’s List

Okay, that’s quite a depressing weekend I had. At least I learn something, am I right?

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Love Is All You Need

I’ve been bored in my work desk, have nothing to do, end up searching through different kind of articles about genocide.
Yes. Genocide.

People nowadays might think ” oh dear, those people have no education. That’s the main reason why Genocide happened. We learned thousand different things these days, so that ancient word should not, and CAN’T be happened again”

Uh-oh. Didn’t think so.
You might be right, genocide happened in mostly developing to poor countries.
Congo, Cambodia, Armenia, Rwanda, to say the least.

Rwanda’s story for example.
These “pure blood” nonsense that drove Tutsi people (one of the original inhabitants of Rwanda) to their almost extinction is way dreadful that you might possibly imagine.
And the lasting and profound impact that still occurred in Rwanda because of these 100-ish days of genocide, is the spreading of HIV infection as the side effect of the “war-rape” they used, making thousands of woman (and those babies who were born to a newly-affected HIV mother) carried these diseases, and even died years after the genocide’s over.
Babies, guys. With no idea whatsoever on their mind on what happened in their country, already carried diseases so powerful as HIV.
In this case, maybe the lack of education is the core problem of this insanity.
But what happened with the rest of the cases?

I still have those memories in my head, when I visited the famous killing field in Cambodia.
Seeing thousands of skulls remained still in the museum, hearing those survivors telling stories about their relatives being captured by people they don’t even know, and their cold-dead bodies being thrown away to random ground, while the police enjoyed the “killing time” with local song being played on speakers so that neighbors couldn’t hear the scream of dying people on that massacre.
You might think that in this case, these people might have not earned education right.
But did you know, Pol Pot, the mastermind behind these genocide, is graduated from France with scholarship in electrical school. Big brainer, right?
3 millions people. Die with might be no track record of where their bodies remained.

Do you remember also Holocaust era?
Who were the main generator of the operation?
Is that THE country who lay under “most civilized, educated and cultured society in whole world” name?
But still, MILLIONS, 4 millions to say the least, died with no humanity or dignity in hands of people that they never even speak before.
These people, who dragged along from city to city, with thin layer of clothing in severely cold winter, are treated as lower cast, just because certain religion, certain culture are considered vile.
This should serve as a warning that no country is immune from becoming a killing field under the right circumstances and with the right (insane) leader.

This rose question in my head
Could hate and desperation made people treated others to the most inconceivable fashion, to the point that seeing other people screaming their lungs for piece of bread, or begging for sip of waters?
With news all over the world nowadays, I humbly think that genocide is nowhere to be extinct.
The possibility is always there, while people still permit hate in their heart.
The key is not higher education, smarter educator or a genius politician.
Simply put to your heart:

“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you;
Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you;
If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also;
Do to others as you would have them do to you”

I think if every leader in every path they took, plant this passage on their head, people might believe there is such thing as heaven out there 🙂

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Grapefruit = Vampire Fruit?

Yes! I said that first!

Grapefruit, this naughty fruit, from times to times just continuously produced its bloodily disgusting ‘blood’. Those red liquids that kept pouring through your desk or -poorly- to your sleeping pijamas, which you wear everyday because you’re too lazy to wash it. Hello, don’t judge me, it’s just not that easy to move your ass downstairs just to put your clothes, wait for 1 hour  , taking all your washed clothes out, drying it out and…bla bla bla…MEN, INDONESIA KEEP EVERYTHING SOOOO SIMPLE!

OK, Indonesian mood. OH! Something just popped to my head!

Yang paling berasa selama idup di German (noted: 6 months so don’t blame me for the super-subjective-judgement) adalah….kenapa banget sih orang Eropa gabisa menikmati idup? Everything they did is because they HAVE TO do that. Lampu ijo, mobil kaga ada…keinginan menggebu gebu untuk lari dan menikmati glorious + top of the world feeling karena abis ngelanggar peraturan harus kandas gitu aja karena…GA ADA TEMENNYA BUAT LARI BARENG T.T biasanya kan kalo di Indo, pasti ada tuh pengamen, ibu ibu ato ga mbak – mbak mau ngantor yang ikutan lari – lari cepirit sebelum mobil datang dan menghalangi perjalanan kita. Tapi disini…mereka malah ngeliatin kita dengan tampang ” Let me see if you dare to cross this street before the light turns green “. Mesti diajak sekali kali nih mereka ke Indo, merasakan malapetaka sekaligus petualangan seru para pejalan kaki dalam mengalahkan kecepatan mobil. Mungkin mereka yang biasanya jalan kayak pake sepatu roda saking cepetnya, bakal jadi siput lelet karena harus nungguin lampu merah tiap mau nyebrang. HAHA you wish. Lampu merah mana yang masih bener aja kadang gw kaga tau.

Sama halnya kayak laundry, ato tukang fotokopi, ato delivery service makanan. Why oh why, mereka dengan uang mereka yang teramat banyak itu tidak menciptakan lapangan kerja yang sangat profitable ini? Apa mesti gw yang mulai (jadi pegawai)? Mungkin gw adalah wanita termalas di German (or if there are somebody else, hello my fellow friends!) tapi menurut gw ini lapangan kerja yang sangat penting loh. I miss Pak Muji yang dengan sigapnya langsung tau bahan ujian, fotokopi yang rapih, kita tinggal ambil dan melimpahi beliau uang + senyum cantik sekalian ngambil minum di dispenser (OH MEN I MISS DISPENSER…HOW ARE YOU MY FRIEND?  ARE YOU STILL HOT AND COLD?-azek). Kangen juga sama teteh kosan yang selalu sigap tiap pagi, tidak pernah absen walaupun terkadang gw nunggak bayar laundry qiqiqi, untuk nyuciin baju. Bagaimana caranya? Kita tinggal beli box baju, taro diluar kamar, kalo udah ngerasa baju yang kita pake tidak layak pakai + bau ato lo lagi males banget ngeliat tuh baju, lecek ato agak sedikit apek, tinggal taro aja di box itu. Niscaya besoknya…baju sudah terlipat rapih dan wangi. Oh i love you teteh…

dan kenapa ya di Eropa jaraaaaaang banget ada tukang kelontong? Abang gorengan ato apaan gitu. Apa mereka gasuka beli makanan diliatin orang? Apa mereka gasuka ada truk truk imut lewat lewat didepan rumah mereka + teriak teriak? Apa mereka diet? Apa mereka gasuka gerobak? Apa tadinya ada trus dibanished karena abang – abangnya capek nungguin traffic (i feel you, unknown abang-abang)? Hmmm….bisa nih jadi topik TA.


betewe, tadi gw mau ngomongin apaan sih? Jadi lupa. Perasaan tadi ngomongin grapefruit, kok sekarang abang gorengan? Ck.


Zitrone Alarm!


udah 2 hari ini BBM super suxxxx banget loh, gabisa dipake sama sekali baik twitter, BBM ataupun internet servicenya. Dan kemaren bener – bener stuck dengan jalur komunikasi yang amburadul karena internet Lion juga lagi jeleeeeek banget. Jauh lebih jelek daripada internet di kosan Bandung dulu pas masih awal – awal. Untung malemnya internet membaik dan setidaknya bisa tau perkembangan informasi lewat twitter. Gila, segini ketergantungannya kah manusia sekarang sama jalur komunikasi yang cepet dan instan? Jadi inget film Die Hard ” Live Free or Die Hard ”


Matt Farrell: Jesus Christ. It’s a fire sale.
John McClane: What?
Matt Farrell: It’s a fire sale.
Deputy Director Miguel Bowman: Hey! We don’t know that yet.
Taylor: Yeah, it’s a myth anyway. It can’t be done.
Matt Farrell: Oh, it’s a myth? Really? Please tell me she’s only here for show and she’s actually not in charge of anything.
John McClane: Hey, what’s a fire sale?
Matt Farrell: It’s a three-step… it’s a three-step systematic attack on the entire national infrastructure. Okay, step one: take out all the transportation. Step two: the financial base and telecoms. Step three: You get rid of all the utilities. Gas, water, electric, nuclear. Pretty much anything that’s run by computers which… which today is almost everything. So that’s why they call it a fire sale, because everything must go.


bener banget. Transportasi + Komunikasi segala-galanya banget hari ini. Dan, guess what, this mini fire sale is really happening in meine kleine stadt Pforzheim. Bus – bus vital mogok ga mau jalan 2 hari ini dan Blackberry service tersendat – sendat. Hello, can anybody explain to me, in English/Indonesian, what is really happening in Pforzheim lately??!

Anyhow, sebenernya ngeblog hari ini temanya adalah….cerita tentang mini trip ke Munchen!!

Semua orang kalo denger kata Jerman, terutama cowok – cowok, pasti cuma ngomong ” Jangan lupa foto di depan stadium Bayern Munchen ya!” ato kalo ga ” Foto bareng sama Ribery kalo bisa ya! “. Well, Bayern Munchen, atau FC Bayern Munich, emang tim paling sukses dan terkenal di Jerman. Bahkan gw cuma tau Bayern Munich sama Leverkusen di Jerman. Abisan…waktu kesita buat nonton EPL sih :p

Dan Sabtu kemaren, 8 Oktober 2011, finally gw dan temen – temen SBM + anak UGM cabut juga ke Munich naik kereta paling pagi yakni jam 6 pagi. Dan mesti tau bagaimanakah keadaan cuaca saat itu….HUJAN dan 8 derajat celcius! Ehm…merinding euy. Akhirnya untuk pertama kali selama hidup di Pforzheim pake boots lengkap sama coat berkapuchon. Bangun jam 3 pagi gara – gara ga bisa tidur, jam 6 kurang 15 kekamar Indah gedor – gedor panik gara – gara Indah ga bales BBM, jangan – jangan belom bangun. Nih anak emang kayak kebo banget kalo tidur. Dan bener aja, jam segitu dia masih pake piyama + muka bantal. Langsung lah gw dengan muka panik langsung nyuruh dia siap – siap karena jam 6.03 bis tujuan Hauftbanhof (stasiun kereta) bakalan dateng. Untungnya, meskipun waktu bener – bener mepet, kita semua bisa nyampe di stasiun tepat waktu 😀

Jam 6.38 kereta tujuan Stuttgart pun berangkat. Perjalanan ke Munich butuh waktu 5 jam + 2 transit ( Stuttgart dan Ulm) + 4 kali ganti kereta. Maklum, kereta ekonomi bagi rakyat – rakyat irit. Sesampe di Munich, apa yang terjadi?


6 derajat. Di kota orang. Rame pulak. Pake ujan rintik – rintik pula. Tangan langsung beku, kaki yang udah dipakein boots juga ikutan beku. Daripada kedinginan – kedinginan ga jelas, akhirnya kita semua cabut pake kereta ke Allianz Arena, home stadium nya Bayern Munchen!

Allianz Arena Finally !

Rasanya seneeeeeng banget, dan langsung ganti Display Picture BBM yang direspon langsung sama banyak orang. Dari Jakarta emang nargetin mesti kudu banget ke stadium ini. Dan Thank God, kesampean jugaaaaa!

closer look

Abis dari stadium ini, kita jalan lagi ke BMW museum yang ga jauh dari studium ini. Sebenernya ga terlalu demen automotif ya, abisan ya kalo ga ada yang beliin ngapain juga melototin bodi – bodi mobil yang cuma bikin ngiler doang. Cowok – cowok demen banget kali ya, tapi kalo gw prefer dianterin pulang sama orang yang bawa BMW aja deh ato ga dikasih konci mobilnya atuuu aja yang kapnya terbuka hehe. Tapi, it’s been fun kok di dalem museumnya. Bisa liat gimana jeniusnya orang Jerman terutama dalam bidang teknik, karena banyak banget penjelasan tentang history BMW yang ga cuma diprint, dipigura trus ditempel di dinding. Mereka pake papan touch screen yang digeletakin di atas meja yang panjaaaaaang banget dan kita bisa tinggal pilih sejarah mana yang mau kita baca. WOW! Ada (mungkin) 100-an mobil + motor BMW dari tahun jebot sampe yang baru – baru ini. Gila banget kali ya orang yang bisa bikin BMW. 20 tahun yang lalu aja mobilnya udah funky funky banget. Speechless.

BMW Museum, Munich!

BMW Main Office

salah satu mobil yang dijual!

Mobil Ajaib

Motor BMW

Fun Fact pas di BMW museum adalaaah….ketemu satu cowok yang gantengnya ampun – ampunan! Pas lagi ngeliat motor di atas ini nih. Gile gile…idungnya, pipinya, badannya…OK, next.

Abis dari BMW museum, kita akhirnya ketemuan sama kakak kelasnya anak UGM yang lagi internship di Munchen. Lumayan, kita diajak keliling – keliling Munchen dan ngeliat bagusnya Munchen. Dan untuk pertama kalinya…I feel like i’m actually living in European country! Butik butik yang harganya selangit, gedung – gedung yang bentuknya kayak kastil, young adult yang berhamburan dimana – mana (Pforzheim kan isinya kakek – nenek muluk), H&M yang bederet ampe 4 toko, dannnn banyak lainnya. Saking noraknya, kita cari tempat yang viewnya bener – bener Eropa banget yaitu air mancur dan mulai foto – foto sampe gila disitu.

Finally Europe!

abis itu, kita semua jalan – jalan lagi keliling – keliling Munchen. Meskipun dingin makin menjadi – jadi tapi mumpung di Munchen mendingan jalan terus deh ampe pegel. Ketemu banyak banget gedung – gedung yang bagusssss banget yang kayaknya kemaren – kemaren cuma liat di TV doang.

Salah satu gedungnya!

Abis ngalor ngidul ke tempat – tempat rekomendasi kakak UGM itu, akhirnya kita pulang pake kereta jam 8. Jam 2 pagi akhirnya sampe di Lion dengan selamat tak kekurangan suatu apapun kecuali duit.

Duuuh meskipun harus ngabisin waktu 10 jam di dalem kereta, tapi perjalanan ke Munchen itu super duper fun loh! Sampe sekarang masih kebayang – bayang, kayaknya harus balik lagi ke Munchen sekali lagi buat nonton Bayern Munchen tanding atau borong H&M diskon hehe :p

Munchen, Ich liebe Dich ❤